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Baby pajamas | stay home and cuddle finn + emma
Baby pajamas | stay home and cuddle finn + emma


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Colors: stay home and cuddle
pajamas | little valentine
pajamas | xoxo
pajamas | stay home and cuddle
pajamas | loved rainbow heart
pajamas | candy hearts
pajamas | j'taime
pajamas | kindness rainbow
pajamas | penguin
pajamas | puppy love
pajamas | best friend
pajamas | wasn’t me
pajamas | woof
pajamas | savanna
pajamas | llamas


Any day is a great day to stay home and cuddle with your cuties! Our pajamas are made with buttery-soft organic cotton and feature a wide elastic waistband for added comfort. In addition to being perfect for bedtime, these toddler jammies are also perfect for lazy afternoons (and they make a great gift too!).

  • 100% organic cotton
  • G.O.T.S. certified
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes
  • wide elastic waistband
  • ethically made in India

What makes Finn + Emma Different

Organic & Safe
Heirloom Quality
Socially Responsible

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