11 Great Ways for Busy Mom's to Make a Little Extra Money.

When you’re looking to start your own business, it’s important to keep your momentum, even when you don’t have the time, energy or motivation. Being driven, planning carefully (including doing research into things like LLC regulations) and giving yourself some personal time are all important components of finding the elusive work-family balance. We know that juggling kids is already a full time job, but at the same time, money is always something we need more of. We know that times are tough, but we also know you have lots of talents and drive. Here are 11 great ways to use your skills to start your own business — even when you’re a busy mom.


1. Renting a room on Airbnb

 According to Fast Company, experts recommend that if you want to set up your place as an Airbnb, it’s worth it to put a little money into the pictures and make sure they look great. You should also focus on selling an experience instead of just a place to spend a night. This can include making breakfast, giving recommendations for things to do in your area, or adding little extra features your guests can enjoy.

 2. Dog sitter

 There are online resources which can help you create a profile, get an idea for pricing, and even market to people that might live in your area who might need a pet or dog sitter. Being a dog sitter has a lot of flexibility. You can set your own schedule and prices. You can even choose the size and age of dogs you care for.

 3. Preschool

 If you love being around children and are on board with bringing in a few more into your life, then consider starting a preschool service. For a couple of hours each week, you can teach local neighborhood children a variety of skills and give them playful and enjoyable experiences.

 4. Event planning

There are a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and reunions that you can look into planning. Then there are more professional ones such as launches or conventions for companies. You can even do educational events, such as conferences and graduations.

 5. Freelancing

 Freelancing can come in many forms. You can write articles, create websites, manage tasks, do graphic design, illustrate, or any other types of work. There are online courses that can help you get started in freelance work and help you land your first client.

 6. Tutoring

 If you’ve got the teaching bug but prefer one-on-one, tutoring is up your alley. You can tutor in whatever subjects you’re most comfortable with: math, linguistics, writing, psychology, and so on.

 7. Landscaping

 Perhaps you’ve always enjoyed mowing lawns or planting flowers. If you like building backyard arches and other decorations, you can put these skills to good use and get paid for it.

 8. Social media manager

 One piece of advice from top entrepreneurs is to be chill with people, but intense with outcomes

 This is especially the case in social media management. You help companies build their brand while understanding their audience.

 9. Teach a language

 Even if you only speak one language, chances are good somebody wants to learn it. You can utilize online services to teach a language and meet people from all over the world.

 10. Exercise instructor

One piece of advice for many moms who are looking to become entrepreneurs or start a side gig is find something that you’re passionate about. Exercise is something to be passionate about for your health. You can use that enthusiasm to help other people exercise, too.

 11. Virtual assistant

 Articles on entrepreneurial careers for moms often say that being a virtual assistant is an ideal option for women who are organized and efficient. Some virtual assistant jobs allow you to work from your home during the day.

 Your side gig strategy will depend on your individual circumstances. However, basic skills like setting goals, developing a business plan and being confident are necessary skills for success. Remember to take some extra time for yourself, and you’ll find the strength to keep going.


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Eva created her personal website, www.evabenoit.com, to help professionals navigate the stress and anxiety that tend to accompany work. Her goal is to help others find balance, peace and overall well-being.
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