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are you constantly battling "mom guilt"?

Give yourself a break (for everyone’s sake)! Today we’d like to talk about “Mom guilt,” which is a very real thing only made worse by our always-on, social-media-obsessed culture. And it doesn’t matter if you work outside the home or not…the Mom-guilt monster can rear its ugly head at any time!Maybe you feel guilty when you spend time with a friend, away from your child. Maybe you feel guilty when your kid misbehaves at school. Maybe you feel guilty because you had to miss a dance recital because of a work trip. Whatever the case, we know it’s a bummer—so we just want you to know we feel you, and we’re sharing a few of our own personal tips to...

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giving old toys a second life

  What to do with your kids’ old toys? As kids grow up, they outgrow their previously beloved playthings; it’s a fact of life.  While you may want to hang onto a few sentimental favorites, there are probably plenty of old toys that you’d like to get out of your house.  But how best to get rid of them in practical, responsible, earth-friendly ways? There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer on how to recycle old toys and games.  Some are made of materials that aren’t readily recyclable, and others may be beyond their useful lives as hand-me-downs.  But we’ve compiled a few suggestions and resources to help you get a head start on spring-cleaning! Is the toy in good condition? 1)...

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five sleep regressions you need to know about

THE "PARTY OF FIVE" Not even I can stop or foresee the madness brought down by the five sleep regressions that children can experience at 4, 8, 12, 18 & 24 Months old.  Some children will breeze through the majority of the these with no noticeable problems, while others will force you to kiss those date nights goodbye (at least temporarily).  Regressions can creep up on us in many ways: increased fussiness, protesting naps, naps that are too long or too short, and the worse: occasional night wakings that are completely out of character.  Sound familiar?  If you haven't already, download your "Pin" button because you're going to want to pin this page for future reference. Grab a glass of...

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the perfect holiday splurge:
eco-friendly baby play gym

‘Tis the season for treasuring those you hold near and dear—and expressing your appreciation in ways small and large.  In other words, this time of year gives you a great excuse to get that special-treat item you’ve been eyeing for your baby, or splurge on a gift for a friend’s or relative’s child. Enter: Finn + Emma play gyms, which offer the little ones in your life a wonderful way to foster creativity, entertainment, and movement.  Infants and parents alike love our non-toxic baby play gyms, which are made of birch (choose from white, light, or dark wood) and feature an assortment of eco-friendly toys (made with organic cotton and sheep’s wool). Check out some of our favorites, in whimsical...

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cool mom picks loves our
organic baby toys

OUR ORGANIC BABY TOYS WERE  CHOSEN AMONG THE COOLEST GIFTS FOR ECO MOMS Finn + Emma's 2-piece stroller set was named to Cool Mom Picks' Baby Registry Essentials Guide:  "Oh, come on now! How can you resist this cuteness? Hey, sometimes a baby registry essential means a little need-to-have that just brightens your day and we’d say this two-piece stroller toy set made from materials like untreated hardwood, hand-knit certified organic cotton and sheep’s wool stuffing fits the bill in every way."   Click the logo to find out more.

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