summer must-haves

Some simple tips to help you and your family enjoy

Well, Memorial Day is nearly upon us—and, even though it’s been a completely weird year so far, this unofficial start to summer is cause for celebration! This week, we wanted to offer a list of ten simple things that can help make your and your family’s summer sweet, safe, and savory.

1. Stylish, functional sun gear Your kid may or may not enjoy wearing hats. (Heck, you may or may not enjoy wearing hats.) But this is important for everyone especially in the summer sun, whether in your backyard or at the beach. So, take some time to find cute, functional sun hats for the entire family. Even if it’s a little bit of a splurge to find something you like, it’s worth it! Ditto a good pair of sunglasses for everyone.

2. Sun protection for your car, too You may be spending more time than usual in your car this summer. And maybe you’ve always meant to get one of those car sun shields? Well, now’s the time. They are inexpensive and make a huge difference in keeping the interior of your car bearable on a hot day.

3.  Smart swimwear Are you seeing a theme yet? Opt for swimwear and cover-ups that offers an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). There are plenty of fashionable styles nowadays. And kiddos especially should wear long-sleeve rash guards if they can.

4. Cooler bags + ice packs! There’s nothing worse than planning an outdoor/beach day and not having enough hydration on hand. This year, it also makes sense to bring as much from home as you can. Invest in a quality insulated cooler/cooler bag (as well as a bottle tote, if you’ve got an infant) and ice packs.

5. Cotton! On a warm day, there’s nothing better than organic, breathable cotton to keep you and your little ones cool and comfy. Opt for 100% cotton tees for mom and/or dad, and check out the latest Finn + Emma apparel for baby—from sleeveless rompers to shorts and bloomers!

6. A great drink Okay, you’ve got your cooler…now, what to pack in it that the whole family will love? How about this easy recipe for the perfect summer lemonade? Or, if you’re feeling slightly more ambitious, this fruity sparkling version would be divine.

7. A great treat There are plenty of great summer-y treats you could make, whether savory or sweet. We love this grilled corn with herb butter. Or, why not try some homemade ice pops (which you can make in plastic cups if you don’t have popsicle molds)? Or, if you’re feeling super-fancy and have some extra time on your hands…get ready to have your mind blown with this s’mores cake.

8. A great playlist Whether you’re chilling in your or a friend’s backyard, or having an outdoor adventure elsewhere, you need a carefree summer soundtrack. Lately we’ve been loving Apple Music’s Summer BBQ playlist. Set it and forget it for 6+ hours of easy, breezy tunes.

9. A great read It’s beach read time! And, as Oprah Magazine so keenly notes, “no sand is actually required.” They’ve got 29 suggestions for you here. Or, if those aren’t your jam, maybe you’d be interesting in some Nordic noir

10. A great movie Is your town having doing drive-in movies this summer? We love this trend. And we’re planning to try it at home too—indoors, outdoors, wherever. Call it a theme night. Here’s a great list of summer movies to watch with your kids to get your started.

Do you have any other great tips for a wonderful summer? We’d love to hear.


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