5 Baby Shower Trends that are On Point

Baby showers, like babies themselves, come in all shapes and sizes. But planning one can sometimes feel daunting. Fortunately, there are always new trends to delight and inspire. We’ve gathered up five gender-neutral ideas to help you plan the perfect (no-stress) baby shower for the special mom-to-be in your life.

1. “Bee” is for baby This theme is sweet as honey (forgive the pun), and it’s easy to pull off. There are many adorable bee-themed invites and templates out there, and there are countless options for thematic food. Just a few ideas: honey cakes and cookies, baklava, watermelon with feta and honey, and honey-sweetened tea.

Décor ideas: Yellow, gold, and black everything (balloons, streamers, sunflowers, etc.).

Favor ideas: honey bears, honey straws, honeycomb-shaped soap; in other words, anything honey-related!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: our "Bee Kind" onsie is a perfect fit!

2. Succulents What better inspiration could there be than Mother Nature herself? Succulents continue to be popular in shower themes and décor. Other plants too. If you’ve been to any “boho chic” or “farmhouse rustic” weddings, that’s the vibe you’re going for. This is an especially great theme if you’re hosting the shower at an outdoor venue. And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an expert at floral arranging—putting succulents in small pots and cute groupings is easy.

Décor ideas: If you’re feeling whimsical and a bit crafty, how about some cactus balloons in addition to lots of potted plants and/or floral hoops?

Favor ideas: “Succulent” cupcakes for the win! These cactus pretzel rods are adorable too. Cactus salsa is also pretty great, if you can get your hands on some jars.

3. B(a) B(y) Qs A BBQ for baby? Count us in! This theme is perfect for summer (and a bit of social distancing, if needed). Plus it’s as easy as planning a cookout. No need to be super-fussy about the food, and a backyard BBQ format is also great if you want to incorporate spouses or other co-ed guests. 

Décor ideas: Anything goes! Red-and-white checked tablecloths and wildflowers in Mason jars is all you need.

Favor ideas: Small bottles of BBQ sauce, gourmet potato chips, or maybe a bottle of your favorite local beer if your crew would enjoy it.

4. May the force be with baby Need we say more? Take your inspiration from Baby Yoda and embrace anything and everything Star Wars. Make some “Jedi juice,” skewer anything from fruit to meat and call it a “light saber,” and whip up a “Bow-ba Fett” bowtie pasta salad. Let your creativity run wild. (For further inspiration: https://popcornerreviews.com/2020/05/04/star-wars-appetizers-drinks-desserts-and-more/)

Décor ideas: There are lots of great Baby Yoda and Star Wars graphics you can download online and incorporate into your décor. You could also cover a wall in black craft paper and dot it with stars, moons, and other shapes.

Favor ideas: Whatever favor you want to give, attach a small tag to each saying, “yoda best!”

5. A micro shower This may sound like a meteorological term, but what we mean is this: a small, intimate baby-shower event. Whether for COVID-19 reasons or simply because the mom-to-be might like a more low-key affair, think about hosting a dozen people, tops. Keep the guest list to family and the closest of friends. Have a tea party, a dinner party, or reserve space on the patio of a restaurant everyone will love.

Décor ideas: Anything goes!

Favor ideas: Ditto above.

Do you have any other great themes or ideas for celebrating moms-to-be? We’d love to hear.

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