5 Kid-Friendly Hollywood Restaurants That Are Worth the Visit

Are you planning a trip to Hollywood, California with kids? A majority of people, both older and younger ones, dream of visiting Hollywood. And it comes as no surprise because there are so many interesting places to visit and things do to while you’re there.

 And after a long, exciting day that’s filled with thrilling activities, it is time to eat some delicious food. Hollywood is (as expected) loaded with amazing tourist chains and fast food chains.  But is that really what you want?  What if you are traveling with kids?  Do you need to give up on good food because you have the little ones in tow?

Naturally, You should search for restaurants that would be appealing to them as well. If you are looking for some great kid-friendly suggestions, then stay tuned!

Spectacular Family-Friendly Restaurants In Hollywood

Let’s Start With Canter’s

If you’re looking for something that’s interesting and groovy and that’s has been part of Hollywood forever (or to be precise, since 1931), then you should definitely pay this place a visit.

A large bowl of chicken soup and huge and delicious sandwiches on soft, fresh rye bread are the things most visitors choose to eat. Additionally, many consumers also opt for the area of the restaurant where you get to try out some of the yummiest Jewish cookies, pastries, cakes, brownies, and bread. That's surely something your kids will adore.

Besides these items, their huge menu also offers panini-style sandwiches, corned beef pastrami, tasty delicious, and popular desserts, such as black-and-white cookies, eclairs, and strudel. Make sure to go there when you're extremely hungry, otherwise, you won't be able to consume all this sensational food.

Musso And Frank Grill

 Now, here’s a place that’s definitely worth mentioning. Are you ready to spend some cash on fine Hollywood dining, because if you are then do not hesitate to go there immediately! According to many reviews, we found online, this is one of the most popular restaurants in Hollywood.

A vast majority of people choose to eat something from the grill because no one in this part of the United States does it better. On the other hand, if your kids are not too thrilled about it, then you should definitely order pasta with meatballs (most children simply adore it) to see what it means to make meatballs that are out-of-this-world.

It also wouldn’t hurt to mention that the staff and hosts are very professional and friendly and are always at your service.  

Adding Other Places Your Children Will Enjoy

Roots Indian Bistro

 Do you kids have a wider pallet?  Looking for something other then chicken fingers and burgers?  Finding a high-quality, authentic restaurant that prepares delicious Indian food can be pretty difficult when it comes to Los Angeles. And that’s precisely one of the reasons why Roots Indian Bistro should be your next choice.

You will get the opportunity to eat tasty Indian food, that is prepared fresh. What's great about it is the fact that the food is pretty affordable and the menu is pretty awesome and offers things like different types of authentic curries, Indian barbeque, restaurant specials, dishes for two, various vegan options, tasty desserts, etc.

Everson Royce Bar

 Now, a lot of parents will avoid going to the place that contains the word “Bar” because they won’t find it to be suitable for children, however, this one is definitely an exception. Namely, this place has a huge back patio, along with a bocce court which means that your children can freely run around without you worrying that they will trip over something or someone.

Another reason to go there is the fact that they offer delicious burgers and fries, and we all know how much kids love to eat these things. Of course, you can order them as well! And as far as adults are concerned, they should try out their cocktails because they are truly one-of-a-kind, especially the Mateo Street Margarita that contains prickly pear.

Mohawk Bend

 After a long walk, there’s nothing better than to drink some beer on tap. If you are looking to enjoy one while the kids can find something appealing on the menu.  

Here, they'll be able to consume lots of amazing things like chili cheese fries, Buffalo cauliflower, delicious pizzas, and many other things.  While you get to sip responsibly on tasty beers.

Finding a great place to eat in Hollywood I can be fun while with kids.

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