5 Must-Have Car Accessories For Kids

Driving with kids can be challenging. It’s a lot of work to concentrate on driving as you constantly need to be checking on them. The struggle is different for every age group. Thus, you must think of ways to make your trip comfortable and fun for both you and your kids according to their age.

 One way to ensure that your trip won't end up a disaster is to add accessories to your car that will help make your kids comfortable, safe and entertained while on a trip. Below are five accessories you must have on your car to help make car trips easier with your children.

Car Accessories for Kids

Car Booster Seat

One of the first and foremost steps is acquiring a top-notch car seat, presenting you with the choice between a capsule, convertible, or booster seat to ensure your child's safety and comfort during travel. Selecting the most suitable type of seat depends on your child's age, size, and specific travel needs, no matter whether you love going on road trips or just a short drive around town. Booster seats are a child restraint system for children up to 8 years of age or if your child reaches 4 feet 9 inches.


You should replace a car seat as soon as your child has outgrown it. It elevates children on their seats to ensure the seat belt will be properly placed on them. A booster seat will also ensure your child is comfortable during car rides.

Booster seats have cushions on the back, allowing children to sit further back comfortably. Additionally, the seat will also let your child stay in place while you're driving.

Car Strap Covers

You must ensure your kids put their seat belts on throughout the trip. However, kids don't like the feel of seat belts. One of the reasons seat belts are uncomfortable for them is due to the roughness of the straps on their skin. 

To deal with this issue, you must purchase a car strap cover to ensure your kids feel comfortable wearing a seat belt. Many parents notice car straps irritate their children's necks, especially if worn for a long time. Also, car strap covers can support a child's head and neck while sleeping. 

Car strap covers to ensure this won't happen no matter how long your kids will wear seat belts. You can buy those strap covers with fun prints that your children will love. It's also advisable to let them choose their design to make them feel involved.

As a result, they will be excited about using the car strap every time they enter the car. It's also recommended to purchase two pairs of car strap covers for your kids to have a replacement whenever you need to clean the other pair.

Car Seat Organiser

A car seat organiser will be the best car accessory that you will purchase in your life. Having kids means that the back seat will be a mess with all their stuff around. With a car seat organiser, you won't have to worry about their things. 

You can place all their stuff on the organiser to ensure it will be within their reach, so no one will constantly shout and ask you to get their stuff for them. With their toys, water bottles, and even their tablets on the organiser, you can prevent them from falling and rolling around under the seats. 

A car seat organiser is also a great accessory that helps hold or store your child's snacks and drinks, keeping them within their reach. They don't need to remove their straps and stand up to get snacks. 

Car Window Shade

A car window shade is known to help block the sun's heat from coming in during summer. It also helps with warmth retention to keep the interior temperature of the car comfortable for you and your kids.


A car window shade can also help reduce the cooling and warming time inside your car, which your car cooler and heater would greatly appreciate. Aside from providing a comfortable interior temperature, it can also provide privacy, especially if your car is untinted.


You don't want anybody to see what you and your kids do inside your car. You better invest in car window shade and ensure that at least the two back seat windows are covered with a window shade to make your kids comfortable while travelling. 

Travel Tray

A collapsible portable travel tray can help your kids do their activities inside the car. Children easily get bored, especially during a long journey. A travel tray will help them have a comfortable place to eat, play, draw, or watch their favourite movie on their mobile devices.

Travel trays can also hold drinks to ensure your kid won't have difficulty eating during trips. Another amazing thing about these car travel trays is that they are portable. Meaning they are handy and can be carried around everywhere. 

Final Words

Being a parent to younger kids can be taxing, especially if you need to go on a road trip with them. But thanks to the availability of car accessories, your travel won't need to be a disaster. You only need to know what accessory you and your kids need, and you're good to go.

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