9 Open-air Activities Your Kid Will Love

Its healthy for kids to get some outdoor time, especially for young children. Not only are the littles at more risk from indoor pollutants, but a lack of physical exercise can lead to the development of unhealthy lifestyle habits.  Plus its fun to be outdoors!  Let us set a goal!  Every weekend, we should strive to take our child to an outdoor activity.  For the littlest ones, a stroll in the park is perfect.  For the older kids, there are lots of different outdoor activities for you to consider, from cycling to rowing, and even rock climbing.

This post will address this topic in more detail, explaining nine outdoor activities that you can pursue with your child (and with the rest of your family too).

outdoor activities with children

Bird Spotting

Bird spotting is a very easy activity to start early in your child's development. It can be a fun, family activity that will give purpose to every day walks.  In the beginning you can point out the birds and soon after baby's will be pointing at birds with you. As kids get older they can start to name the birds they see. Look them up in books or online.   Or take pictures of them.   You could find a map of all of the best bird-spotting locations in your area online. 


Kayaking is a very popular water sport. It’s loved and enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world, families included. According to the experts in kayaking over at WaterSportsWhiz.Com, it is possible to buy two- or three-man kayaks. If you have young children, then it’s a good idea to borrow or buy one of these. You should not let a young child go kayaking on their own, for obvious reasons. If you plan on going kayaking with your kids, then find a slow, still body of water. . Anything too fast could be dangerous for them. Make sure everyone is wearing a life jacket


Cycling is another good family sport. You can buy bicycles with buggies attached to them, so you can bring your toddler along with you. Or a baby bike seat is perfect for the little ones.  If you’re planning on going cycling, then find a route that doesn’t have many hills or steep inclines. You can turn a cycling trip into a day out by bringing packed lunches, a picnic blanket, and some entertainment, like a ball. There are cycling routes scattered throughout the country. Be sure to wear your helmets and enjoy!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic activity to get your children interested in. The best thing about rock climbing is that there are actually indoor venues where you can learn to climb, so you do not need to go out and climb a vertical rock face to master the sport. There are actually climbing venues specifically for children. If you’re planning on going rock climbing, then make sure that you buy your children all of the equipment they’ll need, even if they’re attending an indoor venue. You never know how clean the equipment in climbing venues is. With so many viruses going around at the moment, it’s better to play it safe than to be sorry.


Rowing is a fun family activity.  Even for those kids that are too small to row. You do not need to own your own boat; you can rent one. If there is a lake or river network near you, then there will probably be a boat rental place somewhere close, too. The reason rowing’s a great activity is that you can rent a large boat, which requires all people inside it to row. That means all of your family can get involved, even your youngest child. Make sure everyone is wearing a life jacket, especially if they are not strong swimmers.


On the subject of swimming, if your children cannot swim, then maybe now’s the time to teach them. While swimming can be hard to master, it usually comes somewhat naturally to most children. First, you can give your child armbands. Then, once they are confident swimming with them, you can take them off and let them go out on their own. If your child is going to be going swimming, make sure they are supervised by an adult at all times, ideally you. Even if a lifeguard is present, have somebody there specifically watching your child.


Rambling is a form of hiking. It involves walking long distances, usually with no specific end destination in mind. If you enjoy nature and like getting outdoors, rambling is a fun activity to take your children on. If you find a large park or campground near you, then you can take your children to explore it with you. If you’re going rambling, make sure you check the weather forecast first and bring a smartphone with you. It’s important to bring a smartphone, just in case you get lost. Some of America’s campgrounds and parks are extremely large and don’t have effectively marked trail routes.


If your child’s a little older, then an activity they’re sure to enjoy is paintballing. Paintballing is one of the most enjoyable combat spots there is. An alternative to paintballing, if your child is a little younger, is laser tag. If you plan on going paintballing, then make sure  your child wears protective equipment. 

Taking your child out on fun activities is a great way to build your bond with them and to improve your relationship. You can use this post’s guidance to learn about the activities that you should consider taking your child out on.

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