A Little Luck Never Hurt: Fun Ideas for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Kids

“The whole world is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”—or so the saying goes, at least. Point being: whether or not you have any family ties to Ireland, March 17th is a great day to have a little fun. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your family. 

Leprechaun-approved Fun: 5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day"

  1. Lucky Charms Scavenger Hunt 🍀: Hide green and gold treats around the house or in the backyard, and let the little ones embark on a magical scavenger hunt. Each discovery brings them one step closer to a pot of St. Paddy's Day treasures!

  2. DIY Shamrock Crafts 🎨: Unleash your inner artist with St. Patrick's Day crafts! From making shamrock-shaped cards to creating leprechaun hats, engaging in DIY projects is a fantastic way to channel creativity and celebrate Irish traditions.

  3. Green-themed Snack Attack 🌈: Transform ordinary snacks into festive delights by incorporating a touch of green. Think green smoothies, shamrock-shaped cookies, or even green pancakes for breakfast. It's a tasty and fun way to infuse St. Paddy's spirit into every meal.

  4. Irish Dance Party 🎶: Create a playlist of lively Irish tunes and let the family dance their hearts out. Teach the kids some traditional Irish dance steps or simply let loose with some jigs and reels. It's a joyful way to celebrate the Irish culture and burn off some energy!

  5. Storytime with Irish Folktales 📚: Gather the family for a cozy storytime session featuring Irish folktales and legends. From mischievous leprechauns to magical adventures, these stories provide a wonderful opportunity to educate kids about Irish heritage while sparking their imagination.

Want more?  Embrace the luck of the Irish with these family-friendly St. Patrick's Day activities!

 Festive crafts and decorations

 Are your kids old enough to craft? If so, St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to make some adorable rainbow- or shamrock-themed décor. We love all of these rainbow ideas and especially this paper plate wreath. (And if you’ve got a stack of paper plates to spare, this is an impressive collection of ideas, from rainbow twirlers to shamrock hats!)

 We also love this idea: a Lucky Footprint (or Handprint) Four-Leaf Clover. If this will be baby’s first St. Patrick’s Day (and especially if you have Irish roots), this simple idea would be a wonderful keepsake that you could frame and display.

 Also check out this great collection of St. Patrick's Day coloring pages from Crayola.

Learn about Ireland and Irish culture

 We can’t think of a better day than St. Patrick’s Day for your kids to learn about Ireland and Irish culture. 

 For a wealth of Irish facts (including why Ireland is known as “The Emerald Isle”), worksheets, and more, check out the Ireland topic at Activity Village. All Kids Network also has wonderful educational worksheets that put an Irish-themed twist on math, spelling, and handwriting.

 Play some festive jigs

 Why not have a themed soundtrack for the day? Pull up some festive tunes from your music service of choice, or cruise YouTube for an endless supply of Irish or Celtic tunes. Your kids might also enjoy a little Riverdance(and even attempting a few of the impressive moves!).

 Don’t forget to wear green

 It is, of course, traditional to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. And even if you’re not leaving the house this year, you and yours may as well dress the part. Naturally, we’re partial to our “lucky” graphic bodysuit, which comes in matching tee and pajama styles. You also can’t go wrong with our emerald green lounge pants and hoodie. Any of these styles are great all year long.

 Cook up some festive eats

 Before you had kids, your idea of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day may have included going to an Irish pub and/or drinking green beer. It’s time to up your game just a little—but that doesn’t mean you have to dine on corned beef and cabbage.

 How about a simple and hearty Irish Stew? Or “Shepherd’s Pie” Baked Potatoes? If you’re in a bread-baking mood, it’s a great time to try Irish Soda Bread. Or some scones.

 And for something sweet that your kids are sure to love, hello Lucky Charms Treats—genius!

 However you choose to celebrate, we hope you and your littles will have a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day. To close with another saying: "May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold—and at the end of your rainbows may you find a pot of gold!”

And, sláinte (“to good health”)!






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