A Parent's Guide to Picking Travel-Friendly Baby Accessories

Traveling with your little ones allows you to bond and explore new things in different places. Of course, it will be hard for them to recall your adventures when they get older, but these experiences will shape their interest in traveling, which may lead them to become an adventurous individual just like you!

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But traveling with your baby entails meticulous preparation. Here's a guide you can follow to help you put all baby accessories together before you hit the road.

Lightweight Strollers and Carriers

Parents should bring strollers and carriers when they travel with babies for convenience. However, you have to make sure that these are lightweight and compact. By doing so, you can move them around, load them in your car, and keep your little ones comfortable everywhere you go.

There are easy-to-fold strollers you can buy online. They come with a strap or carrying handle, allowing you to transport them through train stations, airports, and other terminals. Also, look for strollers with quick folding mechanisms. You can choose from a pop-up mechanism or a one-hand folding mechanism.

If you are traveling, consider the size of your stroller. Make sure they are small enough to fit in public buses or rental cars. If you don’t know where to look, you can find more lightweight strollers and discover PureBaby products from The Memo.

For carriers, you can opt for baby wraps and slings, which promote intimacy with your baby, as you attach them to the chest while you walk around and travel. These are also convenient for parents planning to backpack and explore outdoor destinations. These portable carriers typically feature pockets for storage, allowing you to pack and store essentials in there as you go.

Portable Crib or Travel Bed

Babies can sleep better by having a familiar sleeping place. That is why you should buy portable cribs and travel beds when taking a trip with your baby. These travel-friendly accessories are versatile products that replicate the sleeping environment at home, giving you and your baby good sleep while you travel. 

You can choose from many options, from inflatable travel beds and compact pop-up bassinets to foldable cribs. Of course, it will depend on your budget and the baby’s preference.

As a frequent traveler, you must ensure that the portable crib or travel bed features breathable materials. Moreover, choose accessories with a secure locking mechanism and sturdy frames, giving you peace of mind while your baby sleeps.

In addition, seek appropriate mattress firmness and enough mattress support for your crib or travel bed. Lastly, check if the item comes with washable sheets or covers for hassle-free maintenance.


When you are away from home, you must have a repository for all baby essentials like wipes, clothes, socks, bibs, baby food, and diapers. This way, you can conveniently change your baby’s diapers and locate everything when needed.

For diaper bags, choose items that are compact and spacious. In addition, check for multiple compartments and, perhaps, insulated pockets to store baby food or feeding bottles. You should also ensure that the straps for the diaper bags are adjustable. Some can even be converted into a shoulder bag or backpack. This way, you can just adjust it for better mobility.

Also, check if the bag has waterproof compartments. Doing so helps you choose a bag that can prevent spills and leaks, which could be stressful when traveling.

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Travel-Friendly Bottles and Sippy Cups

Having accessible bottles and sippy cups as travel companions ensures a smooth, stress-free adventure with your baby. When buying these accessories, check for an anti-leak feature to feed your baby anywhere mess-free.

You can tell that the item won’t cause any leaks when it has leak-proof seals and secure lids. With this feature, you can confidently store them inside your bag and not worry about spillage during transit.

Also, consider your baby’s feeding needs. Of course, for breastfed babies, you can opt for bottles with slow-flow nipples. But if your baby can handle sippy cups, just ensure that the item has spill-resistant straws or spouts. These days, you can also buy collapsible sippy cups, allowing you to store them conveniently in your travel bag.

Lastly, to keep these bottles and sippy cups safe for use, rinse them immediately after use. Pack bottle brushes to clean these items during travel effectively.

You can also bring microwavable sterilizer bags to easily disinfect sippy cups and feeding bottles. After cleaning and air-drying these items, place them inside a clean zip-lock bag to avoid contamination.

Tablets and Electronic Devices for Entertainment

One effective way to keep your baby entertained during long travels is through tablets and other electronic devices. These items serve as a source of entertainment and distraction, making the travel more manageable for parents.

For instance, you can play your baby’s favorite videos to keep them comfortable during long hours of car rides, flights, or long waiting times at the airport. Of course, make sure to have your babies watch age-appropriate content, one that promotes their cognitive development and won’t cause overstimulation.


As modern parents, it is important that you remain patient and flexible while traveling with your baby. The preparation could take a lot of work, but by packing all the travel-friendly baby  essentials we have covered here, you can ensure you have invaluable companions for a convenient and enjoyable experience with your little one!

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