Are you ready to show our home planet some love?

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Earth Day activities that remind kids (and parents!) about the importance of being good global citizens…

Did you know that Earth Day turns 50 this year? Ever since its first observance in 1970, the day has brought attention to the importance of protecting our planet and its precious lands, air, and water—which allow human, plant, and animal life to thrive.

And, after recently going through a pandemic, this message seems more important than ever. We've collectively been witness to the fact that we’re truly part of one Earth. This is the one and only planet we have—and the need to take care of it, and each other, is resonating across the globe.

We've been continually awed by the beauty of people coming together in new ways, working for a common good. We, along with each and every one of our fellow humans, are living together. And it will take the work of global citizens far and wide to protect our planet.

That said, how do we get in the habit of doing something to mark this day? We encourage you to do so. It’s a great opportunity to show the planet some love and think about the positive impact each one of us can have.

We’ve gathered some ideas and resources to get you and your kids inspired:

Take a hike (or play in your yard)! Earth Day is a great day to get out in nature, if you can. Take a walk outside and have your kids take special note of what they see. Show toddlers the difference between different types of tree bark, leaves, or flowers. Listen to the sounds of birds and insects. Older kids can do an art project, like a “rubbing.” All they need to do is place a piece of paper against a tree or on top of a leaf and color over it with a crayon. If you live in a city and far from of your house or apartment, you can still talk about what you see and hear outside.

Are you and your kids interested in trying your hand at citizen science? The Earth Day Network’s Earth Challenge 2023 aims to be “the world’s largest ever coordinated citizen science campaign.” Using mobile technology, participants around the world can help monitor and mitigate threats to environmental and human health in their communities. Learn more and register here.

If you’re feeling ambitious, now’s a great time to start a backyard vegetable garden. The Produce for Better Health Foundation has some great tips for how kids can help in the garden. is also full of great resources, especially these (relatively easy) plant-based activities.

Want to make the biggest impact first learn about the greatest threats to our environment here. 

The Recycling Partnership has some fun coloring pages, a recycling quiz, and a reverse “scavenger hunt” that’s great for the whole family.

NASA has assembled a collection of fascinating earth-related articles, photos, videos, games, downloadable posters, and more—you’ll find something of interest for all ages.

And, parents: if you want to get even more involved with the Earth Day movement, learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

Whatever you and your family choose to do on Saturday, take a moment to remember that we’re all connected as citizens of the world. Here at Finn + Emma, we’ve been truly amazed and inspired by the collective action that’s been happening around the globe.

We wish you a lovely Earth Day, and we’d love to hear from you with any additional ideas you may have!

P.S. Here’s a bonus word puzzle that you can do with your kids. It’s technically for “Pollinator Week,” happening in June, but we won’t tell if you complete it early!

P.P.S  Learn more about choosing sustainable products and clothing  and being an eco friendly parent here.

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