Belinda Love - Mom of the Week

        Name: Belinda Love
        Little Ones: Emma, Eden, Eléa and Esmé

        1. Tell us about the first time you really felt like a “mom/dad”

        When my baby wouldn’t let me sleep through the night like I was used to!

        1. Who is your mom role model?

        The radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I’ve listened to her show since I was a young girl and she definitely engraved that desire to stay home with my children. 

        1. give us one word that describes your mom style?


        1. Two tips for a new mom?

        Snuggle as much as you can because the years are short & embrace the daily chaos because again, the years are short :)

        1. Favorite Finn + Emma product and why?

        Hands down the long and short sleeve bodysuits! They are designed so well, super soft, comfortable and hold up for everyday wear. Definitely a staple around here!

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