Caleb Martin - Dad of the Week

Name: Caleb Martin

Little One: Locke

1. Tell us about the first time you really felt like a “mom/dad”

I think the first time I held him at the hospital is when I first felt like a dad and it really hit me.

2. Who is your dad role model? 

My dad and my father in law have both been great role models to me and have been examples of the kind of dad I want to be. 

3. How do you balance your responsibilities with being a dad?

I think I just try really hard to enjoy it. I work a weird schedule so I don't really see him for 5 work day days in a row. When I'm off work I try to be really intentional and enjoy that time of playing and spending time with him. 

4. Two tips for a new dad?

Have patience and have a ton of fun with your kids.  

5. Favorite Finn + Emma product and why?

We have a little camera rattle from Finn and Emma that Locke loves playing with!





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