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Here at Finn + Emma, we are a true women’s collective.  Started by Anna Schwengle in 2011, the brand not only places a major focus on “bountiful sustainability” but also on resonating with modern mothers who value design as well as the safety and health of their children.  Bringing Anna’s vision to life every day, our U.S.-based team is comprised of all women, many of whom are mothers themselves.

Perhaps even more importantly, we collaborate with a community of Peruvian women who make our hand-knit products that are made of cotton and wool and feature in our rattle buddies, pacifier holders, rattle lovies, and stroller toys.  By partnering with Finn + Emma, these talented women are able to utilize and leverage their handicraft to make extra money that can make a real difference for their families.  Critically, they are also able to do the work from the comfort of their own homes, which allows them to better take care of their children (and not spend time commuting on long bus trips to a workplace far away).  It’s the best kind of “home work” possible!

When you buy from Finn + Emma, you can feel confident that there is a team of dedicated mothers behind every product, from here to Peru and back.  All for one, and one for all moms!

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