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We’re cuckoo for coconut snaps!

People often say, “It’s all in the details”—and we couldn’t agree more.  At Finn + Emma, no detail is too small for our attention and care.  Case in point: snaps.

Snaps might seem like a tiny part of an item of clothing, but they have a big job to play.  Ours are lead/nickel-free and feature our signature coconut inserts.  Why coconut, you ask?

  • It’s warmer to the touch than a metal button top  (Who wants a piece of cold metal touching their skin on a chilly day?  Not your baby!)
  • Coconut inserts don’t shrink upon washing (unlike some wood inserts that are on the market)
  • It’s a natural, beautiful material (no plastic here!)

Another thing to note is that we use a reinforced double layer of fabric in the crotch-snap plackets on our bodysuits, which adds extra durability.  You can see a close-up in the photo below.

So yeah, snaps are kind of a big deal!  By the way, we’d love to see your “snaps” of another kind; be sure to tag #finnandemma so we can see your little ones sporting their Finn + Emma finest.  Happy snapping!

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