Elizabeth Samuels - Mom of the Week


Name:  Elizabeth Samuels

Instagram Account: @lizziesams

Little One: Reed 6 Month Old

  1. Tell us about the first time you really felt like a “mom/dad”

My husband was driving us home from the hospital with our newborn baby and it hit me...whoa I’m a mom! Everything was in slow motion and didn’t seem like real life. That was when it all became real that I was a mom taking care of my own little human! Ha

  1. Who is your mom role model?

My mom role model would have to be my own mom! Now that I am a mom I have a new found appreciation for my own mom! She did EVERYTHING for my two sisters and I! Always with a loving, joyful spirit!

  1. give us one word that describes your mom style?

I want my style to always be cute, but comfortable is key!

  1. Two tips for a new mom?

I have a lot of tips now that I’m all old and worn in as a mom of a 6month old boy 🤪 ha If I had to give two tips they would be:

  • Tip 1: Make sure to take time for yourself at least once a week if you can to do something without your baby!! Even if it means just leaving the babe for 30 mins with your hubs to go drive around with the music blaring! You need moments like this to feel like your self again!
  • Tip 2: Snuggle your babe as much as you can! My baby is already 6 months old and I’m scared how fast it is going!!! The times to really snuggle and just embrace everything is in the middle of the night when you are feeding and feel like a legit zombie! Ha I’ve found really just snuggling him and knowing it’s just a season..it helps me get through the sleepless nights! 
  1. Favorite Finn + Emma product and why?

I saw my friend post about Finandemma just recently so I am new to the products, but let me just say EVERYTHING looks adorable and I want it all! Haha.. my friend has the play gym and she LOVES it! I also think all of the stuffed animals are adorable!!



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