Emily Winfield Martin - Dream World Baby Clothes Collection

Spring 2018 Dream World Collection Q&A with Emily Winfield Martin 

Inspired by the works of Emily Winfield Martin, the Finn + Emma Spring 2018 Dream World Collection has arrived!  It features whimsical polka dots, stripes, and adorable creatures—in bodysuits, blankets, bibs, and more.  Recently, we had the delightful opportunity to sit down with Emily for a quick Q&A to get her reflections on the collaboration.    

Finn + Emma (F+E): What about the Finn + Emma brand and products did you like when you first were looking at collaborating?

 Emily Winfield Martin (EWM): I was drawn to Finn + Emma’s commitment to quality, and to their use of all organic materials. I love their attention to detail, their clean, pretty sensibility, and the fact that their clothing isn’t strongly gendered.  I’m so proud of the products they’ve created for Dream World.  

 F+E: What excites you most about seeing "The Wonderful Thing You Will Be" come to life through Finn + Emma products?

 EWM: It’s wonderful to be able to offer an expanded world of things that relate to the books. I’d always hoped to make toys related to my characters, so to see my illustrations come off the page and appear as Finn + Emma knitted dolls is just the best.

 F+E: What did you learn in the process of creating this collection?

EWM: There are so many nuances to creating a collection for infants. I wouldn’t have thought that the feel of a product was so important, but that’s the kind of detail that F+E concentrated on, so we could make sure everything was comfortable for even the tiniest person. 

F+E: How did you and the Finn + Emma team translate the special moments and unique feelings of Dream World for these collections? 

EW: Finn + Emma worked hard to translate my artwork onto fabric, which was not easy. I am very particular about color palette, as that has so much to do with the way an illustration or object makes you feel. They did a great job making sure everything really felt as if it could have sprung right out of the pages of my books.

 F+E: Are there any characters (or special moments in your book) you are looking forward to seeing come to life in future collections with Finn + Emma? 

 EWM: Well, of course I want to say more toys (I just adore them.) Perhaps a little Bandit doll? And if one day I saw Finn + Emma baby mittens from my new book Snow & Rose…that would make me very happy indeed. 

We hope the new collection makes you and your little ones as happy as it makes Emily and all of us here at Finn + Emma.  Sweet dreams indeed!


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