Family getaway: how to make your first road trip with kids a success

The first car journey with your child is a way for the family to experience new emotions together and create sweet memories. However, along with excitement may come a sense of anxiety and fear regarding the trip, whether the child will be comfortable and if the family will be able to fully enjoy the journey and have a good rest? Nevertheless, as it is said, forewarned is forearmed, that's why we have compiled helpful tips that will come in handy when preparing for the trip.

road trip with kids

Is it worth renting a car for a family gateway?
When planning a family trip with a child, various problems can arise when deciding between traveling in your own car or renting a vehicle. There are many factors to think of beforehand, such as the distance you plan to travel, the destination and the condition of the vehicle.

When choosing a hire car, it is also worth considering its reliability and weather tolerance. For example, in hot countries such as the UAE, the presence of air conditioning in the car is extremely important, but at the same time you need to consider fuel efficiency to minimize travel costs, this way a budget option might be to rent a car Al Quoz. Conversely, if you plan to travel to a place with a colder climate, it's a must to pay attention to tire durability and picking an SUV with larger wheels. With a large selection of cars on the rental market, it is easier for you to plan your trip while selecting a car according to your preferences and family needs.

Like any trip, a family trip needs to take time to prepare and start weeks in advance, therefore here are the main points to keep in mind:

Plan a route with your child's needs in mind
Always choose safe roads, with plenty of places to stop or stay overnight. Use an offline GPS navigator with maps containing petrol stations on your router. Make sure to include attractions for children, such as play centers, amusement, and water parks where they can relax and recharge before returning to the car.

Put safety first
Don't forget about a car seat if you haven't already put one in the car. This is the first thing you should prepare before traveling with your child, especially if you decided to rent a vehicle. Ensure that the car is in perfect condition and doesn't need repair. In addition, check the passenger space, remove unnecessary items and make more room for children's things.

Pack food and drink for the road
For a road trip, especially a long one, pack foods that don't spoil quickly. For instance, it can be easy snacks such as nuts, breadcrumbs, biscuits. In order to make the meal healthier, take fruit, vegetables, healthy beef jerky sticks, and baby puree on a trip.

Prepare activities to keep your child entertained on the road
Think about what the child will do while you’re driving. However, the younger the child, the sooner a long car journey can become tiresome. To prevent this from happening, parents should take care of the baby's leisure time in advance. Prepare toys, download their favorite cartoons, and study age-appropriate road games.

Travel packing list
Make a list of the things you will need when traveling with your baby. Also make a separate list of the essentials you will take with you in the car. Here is an example of how the list might look like:
● Blanket, small pillow.
● Cooler bag for storing food.
● Several sets of clothes for the child, that wouldn’t restrain movement, should be light and comfortable.
● Personal hygiene products (diapers, wet and dry wipes, nappy cream, disposable diapers, a small towel, handkerchief, etc.).
● A potty and disposable small rubbish bags.
● Dark curtains for the car windows.
● A first-aid kit, which must include remedies for diarrhea, allergies, motion sickness, antipyretic, runny nose drops, antiseptic, bandages, cotton wool, plasters.

The best car journey with children is a journey without unexpected situations. Plan your trip, think through all the details and little things, and then traveling with a child by car will be a pleasant travel experience full of positive feelings!

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