Fantastic Baby Play Space Ideas - Creating a Beautiful Play Space

Little Nomad - Beautiful Play Space from Maciej Labinski on Vimeo.


Creating a Beautiful Play Space—as Easy as 1-2-3!

Tips from Little Nomad (and us too)

 Looking for some inspiration on how you can create a beautiful play space for little ones? Check out this great new video from our friends at Little Nomad, on building a safe and stylish spot.

 The video reminds us that it’s easy to get started on a rockin’ play space with three simple things:

 1) Chic storage solutions—an easy way to contain the clutter and maintain a sense of order and organization

 2) Decorative wall hangings—beautiful and soothing for both baby and you

 3) Modern play gyms (like our non-toxic, height-adjustable ones with organic cotton-and-untreated-wood toys!)—a great and safe way to keep baby entertained, engaged, exercising, and learning

 And, here are a few other ideas of what you might want to add to your new play space:

 4) One of Little Nomad’s beautiful non-toxic play mats—in colors and patterns to complement your existing décor

 5) Blankets—always great to have nearby if baby gets chilly or needs an extra layer...  also great for snuggling and nursing

 6) A macramé swing— functional, beautiful, and whimsical, this swing is handmade in Nicaragua and keeps little ones happily entertained for hours! 

 7) A baby rocker for when baby is craving some R&R!—these are super-stylish and appropriate for babies up to 7 months of age.  

 8) Big comfy pillows—always appreciated by any adults who are playing with baby down on the floor!

 Thanks so much to our friends at Little Nomad for putting together this great video and including us!

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