Five Ideas for Creating Play Space for Kids in the Backyard

All parents' dream of a big family home with a spacious backyard and a blooming garden. The private area next to the house provides the perfect opportunity to set up a green outdoor play area in the garden for the children. There they can play for days on end on weekends and during summer vacations, staying close to their parents.

Cottages, which are located in the best areas cities, most often already have a basic arrangement of the backyard. Here, outdoor furniture Dubai is very popular because the weather conditions in the Arabian city are ideal for outdoor games almost all year round. But with our ideas, you can make an even more interesting play space for your children in the garden.

 play spaces for children outdoors



Children's pool and water slides

 In the Arab Emirates, it is impossible not to have an area with a pool in the backyard of the cottage. Because on a hot sunny day, the best way to refresh yourself is to swim in cool water. For teenagers, the standard depth of the pool is fine. But if your family has smaller children, it is best to construct a pool with a shallow baby section. To arrange the area around the pool, buy outdoor furniture and a comfortable sunbed dubai to be able to relax and sunbathe while the kids enjoy playing in the water. The kids will be excited if you additionally set up portable water slides in this zone. And don't forget about umbrellas, whose shade will protect delicate children's skin from the active sun.


 play spaces for kids outdoors


Interactive sports and play complexes

 Today in many outdoor furniture stores there is a wide range of children's sports and play sets. This is a must-have thing for the backyard. Children of all ages like to spend time in labyrinths, jump on trampolines, ride on swings, and play with educational game boards. Place the playground in a corner of the yard where children can run around and make noise. Note that you should not be economizing on quality materials when buying children's furniture for the backyard in Dubai. Playgrounds should be as high quality and safe as possible, as well as withstand various weather conditions.


 play conditions for kids outdoors


Private space for quiet playtime with friends

 Who among us didn't dream of having their own private space as a child: tree houses and a variety of teepees and hammocks will appeal to all children. It is especially important for children aged 10 and up, who are starting to enter the difficult teenage years and often want to be alone with themselves or their best friend. You can build such a mini-shelter in a quiet corner of the garden yourself, or choose a suitable option in an online outdoor furniture store. This space should be as cozy as possible: decorate it with soft armchairs, fluffy rugs, and colorful garlands.


decorate play spaces outdoors 


Multifunctional creative area


Children from 3 to 12 years old enjoy a variety of creative activities. Painting, sculpting, music, construction, science experiments and much more can keep young creatives busy all day long. A great idea would be to buy outdoor furniture: tables, chairs, shelves, and storage boxes, and set up a mini workshop in the backyard of the house. Especially in the garden is not afraid to get dirty or make too much noise. Little artists and musicians will be happy to spend their time in this place.


 play spaces for kids


Mini vegetable garden for little agronomists


A super idea for an outdoor play space for children is to make space for a real mini-garden. The kids are interested in being involved in the process of creating their garden. Form beds, plant vegetables, learn to take care of plants, water them, watch them grow and bloom, and in the end enjoy delicious home-grown vegetables and berries. What could be more exciting and educational for young children who are just learning about nature and how it works? If you have a suitable place for a mini vegetable garden in your backyard, be sure to put this idea into practice, and you will see that your time together with your children will become much more productive and interesting.



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