Five Ideas for Creating Play Space for Kids in the Backyard

All parents' dream of a big family home with a spacious backyard and a blooming garden. Backyards provides the perfect opportunity to set up a green outdoor play area in the garden for the children. There they can play for days on end on weekends and during summer vacations, staying close to their parents.  But you do not need the largest yard to set up some fun activities for the kiddos.  Keep reading to set up a play space that gets kids energy out and creative juices going.

 play spaces for children outdoors

Children's pool and water slides

Not everyone has space for a pool, but there are plenty of ways to create enjoyable water play for kids and babies. On a hot day, cooling off with water can still be fun! Consider these safe options:

1. **Kiddie Pool or Water Feature:** Instead of a large pool, set up a kiddie pool or a small water feature in your yard. Use a hose to wet a yoga mat and keep the water running while baby sits and splashes. These are safe for smaller children and provide a fun way to splash around and cool off.

2. **Shallow Baby Section:** If you decide to construct a pool, include a shallow section specifically for babies. This ensures they can safely enjoy the water with close supervision.

3. **Portable Water Play Equipment:** Enhance the play area with portable water slides or sprinklers. These add excitement and variety to water play, keeping the kids engaged and entertained.

Remember to create a comfortable environment around the water play area with outdoor furniture and sunbeds for relaxation. Use umbrellas for shade to protect children's delicate skin from the sun's rays. This setup allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe and cool on sunny days. 

 play spaces for kids outdoors


Interactive sports and play complexes

 Today in many outdoor furniture stores there is a wide range of children's sports and play sets. This is a fun thing for the backyard. Children of all ages like to spend time in labyrinths, jump on trampolines, ride on swings, and play with educational game boards. If you have room in your backyard (and the budget!) place the playground in a corner of the yard where children can run around and make noise. Playgrounds should be as high quality and safe as possible, as well as withstand various weather conditions.

If you do not have the budget, creating DIY outdoor play spaces can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to encourage children to explore and play outdoors. If investing in a commercial play gym set isn't feasible, here are some creative ideas to consider:

1. **Tire Swing:** An old tire can be repurposed into a fun swing. Hang it securely from a sturdy tree branch using strong rope or chains. Make sure the height is appropriate for safe swinging.

2. **Mud Kitchen:** Kids love to get messy and be creative. Set up a mud kitchen using old pots, pans, and utensils. Provide a space where they can mix dirt and water to "cook" their imaginary meals.

3. **Nature Obstacle Course:** Use natural materials like logs, stones, and tree stumps to create an obstacle course. Designate areas for jumping, balancing, and crawling to encourage physical activity and coordination.

4. **Sandbox:** A simple sandbox can provide hours of entertainment. Build a frame using wood or repurpose an old container, and fill it with clean sand. Add buckets, shovels, and molds for building sandcastles.

5. **Water Play Area:** Incorporate water play with a DIY fountain or shallow pool. Use a small water pump to create a gentle flow of water for splashing and experimenting with water currents.

6. **Treehouse or Fort:** If you have suitable trees, consider building a treehouse or a fort using reclaimed wood or pallets. Make sure it's safe and sturdy, with secure railings and soft ground cover underneath.

7. **Garden Exploration:** Dedicate a section of your yard for gardening activities. Allow children to plant seeds, water plants, and observe nature up close. This promotes learning about plants and the environment.

8. **Outdoor Art Station:** Set up an area with easels, chalkboards, or a large canvas where kids can unleash their creativity with paints, chalks, or markers. Encourage them to create their own outdoor masterpieces.

DIY outdoor play spaces not only provide opportunities for physical activity and imaginative play but also foster a sense of creativity and resourcefulness. By using recycled materials and natural elements, you can create a fun and engaging environment for children to enjoy the outdoors right in your own backyard.


 play conditions for kids outdoors


Private space for quiet playtime with friends

 Who among us didn't dream of having their own private space as a child: tree houses and a variety of teepees and hammocks will appeal to all children. It is especially important for children aged 10 and up, who are starting to enter the a phase when they want some time alone with themselves or their best friend. You can build such a mini-shelter in a quiet corner of the garden yourself, or choose a suitable option in an online outdoor furniture store. This space should be as cozy as possible: decorate it with soft armchairs, fluffy rugs, and colorful garlands. Bring out an old set of sheets to make a tent and area rugs for the perfect play spot.


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Multifunctional creative area

 Children from 3 to 12 years old enjoy a variety of creative activities. Painting, sculpting, music, construction, science experiments and much more can keep young creatives busy all day long. A great idea would be to buy outdoor furniture: tables, chairs, shelves, and storage boxes, and set up a mini workshop in the backyard of the house.  Little artists and musicians will be happy to spend their time in this place.

 play spaces for kids


Mini vegetable garden for little agronomists

 A super idea for an outdoor play space for children is to make space for a real mini-garden. The kids are interested in being involved in the process of creating their garden. Form beds, plant vegetables, learn to take care of plants, water them, watch them grow and bloom, and in the end enjoy delicious home-grown vegetables and berries. What could be more exciting and educational for young children who are just learning about nature and how it works? If you have a suitable place for a mini vegetable garden in your backyard, be sure to put this idea into practice, and you will see that your time together with your children will become much more productive and interesting.

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