From snow and mistletoe, to presents on the tree…

Keeping your little ones safe from holiday-related dangers

Not to be a Grinch, but amidst all of the holiday fun and festivities, dangers for little ones do lurk. Today we’re bringing you some tips and things to watch out for, to ensure everyone stays safe and jolly.

The tree (and other seasonal plants)

There are hidden dangers with any Christmas tree, Hanukah bush, or other kind festive, seasonal plant life—both real and artificial. If you have a tree, the first order of business is to make sure it’s well anchored (the last thing you want is for it to somehow topple over onto baby). If baby is crawling or walking, additional precautions include keeping any glass ornaments, as well as others made from potentially dangerous materials or small parts, out of reach.  Also keep in mind that certain plants like mistletoe and holly can be poisonous if ingested.

Small parts

In addition to small ornaments, watch out for other small items like button batteries.  Presents for your little ones or yourself may include these in the packaging, and it’s important to be vigilant in keeping them away from baby. Swallowing one of these pill-sized, disc-shaped batteries can be life threatening for tikes. Also, maybe skip the lights on your tree this year, as you certainly don’t want baby anywhere near a plug, tiny light bulb, or wiring.


Related to the above, watch out for choking or other hazards among gifts that are given to your baby, an older child, or even an adult in the house. In all the excitement (and possibly chaos!) when opening gifts with family and friends, lots of shiny new items may be sitting around on the floor or in other easy-to-reach spots. After being opened, keep all gifts that contain choking hazards, electric gizmos, and fragile items beyond your baby’s reach.  

Party accessories

Are you hosting or attending any holiday parties? If so, keep your head on a swivel! When you’re at someone else’s home that’s not baby-proofed, all of the above hazards—plus things like lit candles—may lurk. Also, at your own party or someone else’s, food or drinks (especially of an alcoholic nature) are likely sitting around everywhere. Chances are, many of these holidays treats are not something you want baby to be ingesting.   

Visitors’ things

Having out-of-town visitors stay over at your house? Make sure anything they’ve brought that could be a potential hazard to baby stays put-away or high up. Be especially mindful of any medications that may be lying around.


Amidst all the holiday-time festivities, guests, travel, shopping, and other activities, you and baby are likely to be around more people and more germs than normal. Be extra careful about baby’s (and your) hands staying clean, and anyone who might be sick not getting too close. And, you might want to stock up on  alcohol-free hand sanitizer and wipes for both hands and surfaces!

Bottom line: just be extra mindful this holiday season. Unexpected emergencies or sickness are not something you want to deal with. Happy safe-and-healthy holidays! 

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