Help! How do I help my kid transition to a toddler bed?

Help!  How do I help my kid transition to a toddler bed

Top mom tips from Finn + Emma…

When it comes time to move into a “big kids’ bed,” some toddlers are more eager than others.  But even at best, it’s a transition that demands some planning and patience.  Here are some of our top tips for making the transition to a toddler bed easier.

  1. Timing

There’s no “perfect time” or perfect age at which your child should move from a crib to a bed.  Most parents start thinking about making the change anytime after 18 months.  That said: choose a time that feels right for your household.  For instance, if you your child is already dealing with a lot of changes (like a new sibling) or feels otherwise stressed, there’s no need to rush it.  Moving to a toddler bed should be a good adventure, not completely overwhelming. 

  1. Get your kid involved

When you’re going shopping for a toddler bed, take your kid with you to help them see, understand, and get involved in the transition.  (Or—genius move—you can avoid this step by opting for a convertible crib that turns into bed when your child is ready!)  If you’re choosing between two options (and are equally happy with either), maybe even let your child make the selection.  Then, if possible, put the new bed in the same location the crib occupied, for a sense of continuity.    

  1. Let them make it their own

Even though the new bed will seem weird and foreign to your child at first, the transition can be made easier if they get to personalize it.  Let them help pick out bedding and choose some stuffed animals to have a place of honor on the bed.  For instance, Finn + Emma’s Big Buddies are a great choice for growing kids, and make any bed more inviting.  Hand-knit in Peru with organic cotton yarn, they’re stuffed with virgin polyester so as to be lightweight and washable.  Toddlers love ‘em!  

  1. Ease into it

If your child is reluctant to adapt to the new bed routine, take it slow and easy as they adjust.  Even let them practice with the new bed by napping or having reading time there.  Also be sure to transition over the same blankets, stuffed animals, or other objects your child regularly sleeps with.  (And if you’re in need of a good blanket, moms and kids alike love Finn + Emma’s made of buttery soft organic cotton!)  As your child starts learning to use the new bed fulltime, gradually ease your involvement in their going-to-sleep routine.

  1. Celebrate the change

Let your child know that you’re proud of them on this important step.  And make them feel good about “graduating” to their cool, new big kids’ bed. 

Sweet dreams to all!

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