Help! How do I take good photos of my baby?

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Help!  How do I take good photos of my baby?

Top mom tips from Finn + Emma…

 Now that your beautiful baby is here, it’s time to start filling a personalized baby album with those equally beautiful moments and memories!  But sometimes it’s hard to snap a photo that looks as good as you’d like—whether for sharing with friends and family, or just for your own enjoyment.  Below we share a few tips and tricks that might help:

 1) Use natural light

Your baby looks best in pure light.  Try photographing him or her outside on a sunny day, or inside when natural light abounds.  And try without the flash first—underexposure is always better than overexposure.

 2) Keep it simple

A photo needn’t be “staged” or overcomplicated to be good.  You don’t need to lay your baby in a basket with fruit (unless you really want to).  In fact, most of the best photos are very simple.  Keep in mind that your baby is the focal point of the image; the rest is just fluff.  Maybe even try a few black-and-white images. 

 3) Coax a smile or giggle

If you want to capture your baby looking his or her happiest, you may need to act a bit silly behind the camera.  Call their name, make a funny noise, hold up a silly toy, etc.  Then snap your photos while baby is laughing or smiling.  

 4) Go in for a close up

Try getting down on baby’s level and taking a photo from that angle.  Or, zoom in to really capture all the details of their expressions.    

 5) Find the perfect backdrop—or not

For a special photo that commemorates a milestone or other occasion, you might try to find a unique, memorable, and/or personally meaningful backdrop.  But—see item 2 above—still keep it simple.  Alternatively, you might get a wonderful picture when candidly sneaking some shots as your baby plays with siblings, naps, or is otherwise being photogenic. 

Most importantly, when you’re taking pictures of baby, you’re capturing special, fleeting moments.  The photos won’t all be “perfect,” but experiment with these tips, take a lot of shots, and you’re bound to end up with a few gems.  (And, if you have success with any of our tips, be sure to tag #finnandemma in your masterpieces!)



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