Help! I’m so busy (and not sure I’m parenting good enough)!

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Help!  I’m so busy (and not sure I’m parenting good enough)!

Top mom tips from Finn + Emma…

The addition of a new baby (whether it’s your first or your fifth) almost always creates some chaos and upheaval in the life of a family.  Plus, yes, it’s time-consuming!  We know what it’s like to feel as thought you’re barely keeping your head above water while caring for a small human alongside yourself and the many other demands on your time.  Thankfully, we’ve gained some insights and hints along the way, and we’re sharing these with you today.    

1) Take a deep breath

Be kind to yourself, and recognize that you’re doing your best.  Try to push any feelings of guilt (and other negative energy) aside.  Literally take a deep breath—or even find five quiet minutes for mindfulness or meditation.  A re-centering of your attitude and renewed focus on the positive can go a long way.  

2) Make time for you 

Even though you’re now a mom, you’re also still you—and it’s important to feel that.  Amid the busyness of mom-hood, there are likely a handful of meaningful things that you’ve “given up.”  What is it that you miss the most—time spent with friends, relaxing baths, your favorite class at the gym?  Find a way to reincorporate at least one of these activities, and you’ll be a better mom for it. 

3) Try some of these tactics

Every mom and family is different, but some of these time-management strategies may work for you:

  • Wake up a little bit early—give yourself a little bit of “me” time for a peaceful cup of coffee before baby awakes
  • Outsource what you can—whether it’s food-prep, housecleaning, or something else, determine what’s worth it and helpful for you to outsource
  • Identify and troubleshoot time-sucks—where does the time go, and can you tweak something so you have more time and energy?
  • Say “no” sometimes—just like it sounds
  • Stay organized with calendars, checklists, and home-organizing strategies—if these kinds of thing keeps you sane, definitely make time for them


Finally, allow yourself and your kids some wiggle room—nobody is perfect (not even the mom who always bakes beautiful cupcakes!).  And, what works for you might not work for other moms.  It’s for sure a busy time of life, but take a deep breath, and try to make the most of it—you’re doing great! 



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