Hey moms, here are some fantastic mothers day ideas to treat yourself

5 top ideas for celebrating mothers day in style

 Mother’s Day is just around the corner…and we’re here to remind you to take full advantage of it! Because after this past year, you deserve some a lot of pampering. Sure, your dream day might include a blissful week at a Balinese spa, which might not be possible at the moment—but in the words of Parks and Recreation, it’s still time to “Treat Yo’ Self!” Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  1. Don’t be shy in asking for something special—tangible or intangible.

This is your loved ones’ big chance to do something special for YOU! If your spouse and/or older children ask what you want (or even if they don’t!), don’t be shy in making your requests known. Whether you’ve been eyeing up a new summer dress, a new book by your favorite author, of you simply want three hours of quiet time—this is your opportunity! Other ideas: art or jewelry that is personalized to represent each of your children; a special photo book; silk PJs or pillowcases; or fancy chocolates!   

  1. And/or, do something nice for yourself…

One surefire way to get what you want is to get it for yourself! What is something you’d really enjoy? It might be an experience, like a cooking class, painting class, or flower-arranging class (there are some great virtual ones these days!). Or if could be a subscription box for something you love: coffee, tea, knitting, makeup, or maybe wine! These ideas are, of course, also great gift ideas should a friend or family member inquire.   

  1. Let your kiddos in on your fun

You’ll probably want to spend at least part of your special day with your kid(s), so why not do something memorable together. A few ideas: plant some flowers in your yard or a planter; take a nature walk to see spring’s beautiful blooms, or pack a picnic and soak up some sun. (By the way, any of these activities will be cuter and more photo-friendly if your little(s) are sporting something adorable from our celebrate mom & dad collection!)

  1. And/or, have a Mom’s Day (Off) get-together with friends

Do you have a few local mom friends with whom you’d love some quality time? Coordinate an hour or two to meet up for lunch, a cocktail, a mocktail, a coffee, a stroll, or whatever you like! Or, if you’re not “Zoomed” out, set up a virtual catch-up with mom friends who live farther away.

  1. Bring the spa to you!

We love these ideas from Omni Hotels on How to Create a Luxury Spa Day at Home. Grab some essential oils, cucumber slices, sparkling water, and get ready to unwind. (Or, book a real spa outing for later in the year!) 

However you choose to celebrate, you deserve it, mom—a big toast from us to you!

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