Hey, new mom! Step away from the Google search box…


Ahhh…the Internet…how did moms survive before it came along?  For instance, how did they know at what age to introduce solid foods, or what to do about a baby’s rash, or get advice on teething?  Well, they somehow got by with help from books, friends, family, and pediatricians.

 But now—lo and behold—the amount of information that’s at your fingertips, just waiting for you to search for it!  We know it’s tempting to “ask Google” everything under the sun, but we’re here to recommend that you search with caution.

Is the Internet useful as a way to connect with a community of other moms, get ideas and tips on raising kids, etc.?  Absolutely!  But, when you start consulting Google with every worry and concern and fever that your baby has, you’re setting yourself up for possible misinformation and the related stress that comes from self-diagnosis.    

For instance, new mom Allison recently told us: “When my daughter was about seven weeks old she was sounding really congested.  I immediately went to Google and diagnosed her with everything from allergies to the most severe infections.  By the time we got to the doctor, I’d already thrown an overnight bag in the car in case we ended up in the hospital.  It turned out to just be a cold; no hospital stay required.  But thanks to Google, I went a little bit overboard!”

The bottom line—just like when you Google your own adult symptoms—is that you’ll always find information that confirms your worst fears.   There are so many diagnoses, “solutions,” and plenty of bad advice out there, so if you do need to look something up, stick with reputable sources (such as Cleveland Clinic).   And keep in mind that what’s normal for one baby is not always normal for another. 

For any serious concerns or sickness, always seek advice from a medical professional.  You’ll save yourself hours’ worth of time going down Internet wormholes; time you could be spending with your beautiful new baby. 

Happy parenting!   

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