How do I prepare to bring baby home?

Help!  How do I prepare to bring baby home?

Top mom tips from Finn + Emma…

 Bringing home a new baby is a major life event.  In the weeks prior to giving birth, you will likely be excited about the addition to your household—but it’s also 100% normal to feel anxious, nervous, scared, or even experience mixed feelings.  One of the best things you can do in order to smooth the transition for everyone is to prepare ahead of time.  Below we’re sharing some tips that will hopefully help:

 1) Get your questions answered and follow-ups set

 Before you head out the door with your newborn—especially if it’s your first—take time to get any pressing questions answered.  Schedule baby’s first check-up and be sure you know how to contact the pediatrician or other resources for urgent questions over the coming weeks. 

 2) Baby’s first ride

 Before baby can get settled in at home, there is the not-so-small matter of getting there.  A properly installed car seat is not only a good idea but required by law.  (Holding baby in your arms while riding in a car is never a good idea.)  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear-facing seats for children until they are 2 years old or have reached the maximum weight/height limits recommended by the manufacturer.  And they should always go in the back seat, never in the front.  It’s a great idea to buy, borrow, or rent a car set ahead of baby’s arrival and have the installation checked by a professional (many fire stations, car dealers, and hospitals offer this service).  Then, when it’s time, get baby comfortably dressed and situated in the car, keeping any blankets away from their face.  Try to stay calm, and you’ll have a better chance of baby staying calm too. 

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 3) A place for baby to sleep

 At a minimum, it’s a good idea to have baby’s sleeping quarters set up when you get home.  Everything will take more time and seem more difficult at first, so being organized ahead of time—and not having to fuss with setting up changing stations, baby’s bedding, etc. goes a long way. 

The first few weeks are bound to feel chaotic, and you’ll still be recovering too.  Call on family and friends to help out, and you’ll get the hang of everything before long.  Try to enjoy this special time as you get your latest addition settled in at home!    

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