How New Moms Can Start Their Own Written Blog

Research has proven that the potential for blogging is virtually unlimited. Some well-established bloggers can earn about $30,000 per month. Starting a great blog needs a lot of planning and research. This is a perfect way for new moms to earn extra income while staying home.

Starting a blog is easier nowadays than it was a decade ago. Though starting a new blog is much easier, building a successful blog as a new mom can be challenging. Below are tips on how new moms can start their written blog.

how to start a blog

Find your favorite niche

You might think I'm a mom and I should start a mommy blog! Well, that can quite be misleading. So, what are you good at? The first step to building a successful blog is to choose your favorite niche. This could be what you pursued at college or your hobby. For instance, if your hobby is teaching, you can start a blog with a unique name. There are thousands of competitors out there. But what matters is the uniqueness of your content. 

In addition, choosing a blog niche to specialize in keeps your content more focused. The more focused your content, the easier it will be for the target audience to discover your blog. Every content posted on your site must be checked for plagiarism to avoid penalties. You can use the plagiarism checker for teachers use by FixGerald. It's the best plagiarism tool for teachers and for bloggers too. It has no check limit. Apart from plagiarism, you need to make sure that you consider the readability of your work. Create content that even grade-level students can easily read.

Decide on the blog name

After you have settled on your favorite niche, it's time to get creative with choosing your blog name. But what should you do if you are not good at what you like? The remedy is to learn or research extensively on what you should start blogging about. You will get creative ideas on the name you should pick for your blog. Of course, starting a mommy blog is the most viable option.

Choose a great name for your blog. The blog name is the first thing the target audience will see online. It should grab the readers' attention. The next step after this is now choosing the blogging platform.

 Pick the best blogging platform

The point at which you start thinking of choosing a blogging platform that's when you are about to get started with building your blog. As a mom, you might be tempted to choose a free blogging platform. You may be trying to save money because you are not working.

Choosing the right blogging platform is the secret to starting a mom blog that will succeed. Choose a platform that will allow you to monetize your blog. That's if you want to earn income while staying at home. Consider also platforms that will allow you to control your blog and monetize as per your preference. You will only need to pay for the web hosting and the domain name.

Set up and design your blog

With the best blogging platform, now it's time to set up and design your blog. There are generally four steps that are involved in this. Firstly, you have to choose a blog template. The choice of your template should reflect the personality of your work.

The next step is to decide which pages to include. You should include more than just a section to display your posts for a specific blog site. After that, it gets indexed on search engines to be visible on search engines. The final step is creating the blog logo. Ensure that you polish your site with a great and attractive logo.

Get started with writing

Now that your blog is ready, it's time to start writing. Brainstorm the best blog topics that you can write about. You can think about your experiences, failures, or any discovery that's related to the area of your specialization. All articles need to be tailored to meet the target audience's demands.

You can also use organized systems to string related posts together using internal links. If you get a major topic, divide it into subtopics. You will get more specific topics to fuel your writing process.


If you were worried about starting a mommy blog, now you have ideas on how to get started easily. Write about topics that resonate well with the target audience. It will attract a lot of readers, and this will earn you a lot of high income.

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