How to Alleviate Your Baby's Teething Pains

Drooling, irritability, and a knack for biting anything and everything they could get their hands on. These are the general signs that your children are undergoing a crucial stage of development: teething. Teething is an ordeal babies face as their first tooth starts coming out, allowing their transition to eating solids.

While necessary, it can be equally uncomfortable for your babies and a challenge for parents to alleviate the symptoms. In this article, we will cover great ways of helping your baby during the teething process and making things more comfortable for both of you.

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OTC Soothing Tablets

Fortunately, numerous brands can help your baby handle the pain and irritation caused by the growing tooth. Medications today are more optimized for babies to consume without side effects safely. For instant relief, you can start by taking Chamomile Soothing Tablets – Dr. Talbot's US for babies.

 But while they’re over-the-counter medications, don’t forget to consult with your doctor first, especially if your baby has some pre-existing condition or dietary restrictions.

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Chilled Fruit Slices

If your baby is already eating solids or starting to chew through soft foods, it would be a good idea to let them try cold fruit slices to help soothe irritated gums. For starters, cold mashed bananas, apples, or strawberries are a great way to feed your baby while alleviating pain. Just remember to use a fruit masher or mesh feeder so your baby can eat these chilled slices without the risk of choking.


Cold Pacifiers or Teething Toys

On the topic of keeping things cold for a growing tooth, keeping pacifiers and teething toys chilled before use is another great way to reduce irritation and bring instant comfort to your little one. The coolness from such toys can slightly numb the gums and minimize the swelling your babies are experiencing.


The same can be said for teething toys; just ensure you sterilize them before refrigerating. But make sure that your pacifiers and toys are safe for refrigeration and avoid gel-based brands that may leak out from rough teething moments. And for emphasis, keep these toys chilled, not frozen. You don't want frost around the toys and surprising the baby with sudden cold.


Keeping Drool Out

One of the leading and initial signs of teething is drooling, which can lead to gum rash and bacterial infection. Help avoid these and protect your baby by using bibs and regularly wiping their drool off. Keep your baby's mouth and chin dry, and it'll help with their comfort as they bite away anything they can put their mouths on.


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Milk Popsicles

Your babies might have difficulty taking breast milk at some point due to general pain and discomfort. What better way to give them cold, lovely milk popsicles?


Buy some BPA-free popsicles and a store-bought ice tray or popsicle tray, and fill them in with breast milk or other treats. The cold relief from milk popsicles can alleviate the discomfort and encourage them to eat it all away. Just be mindful that it can be messy, so get them a bib prior.


Gum Massages

Gentle massages on your baby's gums help relieve pain and distract them. Using clean hands or a cold, wet cloth, gently massage your baby's gums in light, circular motions. It is excellent for bonding and immediately comforts them, especially if other methods are not applicable, like in public settings.


Baby Cuddles

Cuddles are a baby's great escape from stress and the most comfortable resting spot. The warm embrace of your arms can immediately bring comfort and help them sleep through the night when teething. So get a comfortable chair, their favorite sleeping tunes, or infant white noise on YouTube, and start having quality time for hugs.


Taking care of a little bundle of joy can be mentally exhausting, so take it as a brief mental rest for you and your baby.


Take a Bath

Like cuddles, sometimes the best ways of alleviating pain from teething are the ones that don't involve the gums. Even as simple as a warm, long bath soothes your baby's body and removes the tension from constant discomfort. On top of that, it is also a great way to distract your baby from biting too much.


Cold Spoons

If fruits and milk popsicles are not available, you can use cold metal spoons as an alternative for instant relief. Get a cold spoon and rub it in your baby’s gums with the lightest pressure in a circular motion. Remember to keep control of the spoon and not leave it unattended, as it can be a choking hazard if you’re not careful enough.


Pain Relief Medications

Suppose none of these works and symptoms persist. It might be time to check with your baby's pediatrician and order some medical prescriptions. These medications relieve general pain on the gums and allow your baby to sleep peacefully.


Depending on your baby's health, Your pediatrician may suggest OTC medications or prescribed ones. But keep a note to avoid ones with lidocaine or benzocaine as ingredients; they tend to numb the pain instead of relieving it and cause long-term issues.


Final Thoughts

Teething is essential to your baby's developmental milestones as they move from breast milk to soft foods and solids. However, it is a stressful phase for your growing baby. The tips mentioned above are just some great ways to alleviate pain while allowing their first tooth to come out properly.


Remember that there is no permanent way of alleviating pain for a teething baby. But as parents, all we can do is to fully support your baby’s developmental phases and look out for their overall well-being.


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