How to Balance Education and Motherhood: Tips for New Moms

Motherhood is a true blessing with numerous benefits and grace that helps manage several tasks at once, even when you are a college student with lots of writing, research, and reading to do. According to the Institute of Women's Policy Research report, we have more than one among five college students who raise children as they manage academic struggles. It is over 53% of U.S. students who have to raise a youngster younger than age six. It shows that we are not alone in addressing our careers while still doing our best to remain the best mothers ever! 

balancing motherhood and education

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  • Narrow Things Down.

  • The most important is to narrow things down regarding your studies. Create an academic schedule and keep up with the rules and deadlines. This way, you will be able to set your education priorities and evaluate how much time a certain task can take. If you are struggling with some assignment that requires reading a lengthy book or exploring beyond the lecture notes, is a great solution for young mothers and students who need to submit a paper when the time is getting short or get things done late at night. 

  • Practice Healthy Eating. 

  • While adjusting your sleeping patterns with a youngster in the same room is almost impossible, you can focus on healthy eating and manage your diet. While you think about the baby's diet or cook something for your child, make it a rule to add a bit of this or that for yourself as well. Think about healthy sandwiches and adding more vegetables and fruits to keep your energy levels high. Remember that even when you eat an apple or add a banana to your student’s diet, it will always pay off and help you manage high levels of stress. 

  • Set Various Alerts.

  • As a young mother, you will not be able to check for academic updates all the time, which is why you should consider the use of various mobile apps that send alerts. Start with the Google Calendar, which will help you print out your academic schedule and have all the important reminders at hand. An alternative is a free app called EverNote that can help you remain alert of the deadlines and even tell you when it’s time to check for a doctor’s appointment or visit the local shop for a special sales campaign. 

    • Consider Motherhood Scholarships. 

    Don’t forget that you are eligible for scholarships that are meant for young college mothers (and beyond). Some of them are based on academic merits, while others will focus on the fact that you are a young mother who is financially struggling. As a way to explore things, start at your school and ask an academic advisor about what kind of help may be available. If nothing seems to fit, continue with the online scholarships in your state and nationwide. As long as you are able to write and become creative, you may have good luck and support yourself financially. 

    Cognitive Dissonance and Trying to Find The Balance

    The most common problem among young college mothers is trying to manage both things at the same time: motherhood and academic studies. Most of us feel guilty and overly stressed as we feel that we are not the best student or an amazing mother. The truth is that you are both good at the same time as your resources are shared from what is available and often beyond that. There is no abandoning a child per se as you try your best to live your life and be the best for your sweetheart(s). The most important is to set your goals and focus on the positivity instead of seeing it all in the dark and negativity. Even though we are setting our standards high, we must remember that we are not superheroes and that one has to narrow things down and avoid setting unrealistic expectations here and there. The trick is to change your behavior and avoid stressing by trying to achieve it all and just letting yourself receive some due motherhood life credit! 

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