How to choose the right baby play gym

baby play gym

At Finn + Emma, we believe in the old saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Granted, there’s not much “work” for newborns to do except grow and learn!  But when it comes to playtime, we have just the thing: baby play gyms.

That’s right—hitting the gym isn’t just for adults anymore!  Nothing beats a baby play gym when it comes to fostering creativity, movement, entertainment, and satisfaction for your little one.  Plus, at Finn + Emma our non-toxic gyms put your baby’s safety and health first.

Crafted of birch-wood, the frames of our baby play gyms feature an assortment of eco-friendly toys that can be snapped (and swapped) on and off for maximum variety.  All of the wooden parts are made from untreated Indian hardwood polished with non-toxic vegetable seed wax; soft elements are made with organic cotton and sheep’s wool.  Unlike plastic toys that can contain substances harmful to your baby, these products are safe and healthy.  (And, as we all know, toys are bound to end up in babies’ mouths at some point—so this is an important consideration!)

baby play gym

Finn + Emma baby play gyms are versatile, adjustable, and portable; they can be used in the car, on a high chair, or at the bumper of your stroller.  And they come in an array of whimsical themes, from jungle and feather, to sailor and robot.  Let your child’s imagination run wild!

At Finn + Emma, we love to help you keep your baby entertained (and fashionable!) while staying safe.  In addition to baby gyms, we offer a wide selection of organic clothing and blankets, play mats, rattle buddies, and more—anything but dull!  Happy playing, and let us know how your baby’s “gym time” goes!

Finn & Emma baby gyms available for wholesale. Click here to sign up and learn more.

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