How To Make a Baby Shower Garden Party? 

A beautiful garden party Baby Shower is a special way to celebrate a special lady and the baby-to-be!

Outdoor parties or garden parties are very popular now that better weather is here. If you are looking to throw a special outdoor shower (or first birthday!) Good organization is half the battle.
With the celebration taking place in the garden, there are a lots of possibilities. Let your imagination run wild! 
If you are not very imaginative, we will help you plan a great garden party baby shower for mama in just a few steps!


Choose a theme!

It's time to celebrate because there's a new baby on its way! A baby shower is a great way to celebrate an upcoming arrival of a new baby and one of the first things you may need to decide when starting to plan for the baby shower is whether you would like to have a theme for the event. 
A themed baby shower can be a fun way to tie the event together by having coordinating items and activities. And a baby shower theme can be a memorable way to celebrate the parents-to-be as well.

When considering a baby shower theme, there are a few things you should think about:

Who will be invited?
Will the baby shower be co-ed? A co-ed shower means that women and their significant others will be invited. Will kids be invited, too? If you are hosting a family-friendly shower, then you may want to choose a theme that isn't overly feminine or masculine. 
Focusing on the Parents-to-be
A theme that celebrates the parents-to-be and their interests is always a winner! If the parents love to hike and camp, then a woodland themed outdoor baby shower might be the perfect pick. If the parents love spring the theme can be about rainbows and raindrops. A fall shower can be all about sugar and spice and everything nice. Many seasonal showers can also work as gender neutral shower which can be perfect if the parents are choosing to be surprised. 

Its time to decorate!

Make sure to stay in your garden theme by using a variety of flowers and other plants to decorate and dress up your event location. As with any other important occasion, make sure the table looks festive. An advantage to choosing a seasonal theme is that there may be plenty of decorations available to choose from - whether blooming tulips in the spring or baby pumpkins in the fall. 
Add a little bit of surprise. Instead of a classic table, you can place pillows as a replacement for chairs, and pallets that will look like a cute table for gathering kids with additional decoration.  Haystacks in the fall with apples and pumpkins.  
 Following the theme of your party, you can add a lot of flowers, candles, lamps that will have an additional function to light the space, balloons, and many other little things that will enrich your garden in style!

In addition to flowers, balloons, and lights, you can decorate your garden with unique custom inflatables, which create an interesting and cool environment. Keeping with the theme of the day, you can choose inflatables according to your child's gender. If the child is a boy, choose inflatables in green, blue, and gray colors, for a girl, you can choose pink, yellow, orange, or other bright colors. These are some simple decorations that will make your baby shower garden party really memorable.

Gather the Company

Friends and relatives will want an invite to the party. Make a guest list and start writing invitations. You can buy them or make them yourself with the help of your older kids.  There are fun themes for the invite like:
1. Baby in Bloom
2. Grown with Care
3. Sweet Pea is coming
4. Sunshine Baby Shower

Food and Drink - Delicious Snacks

 If you have an outdoor kitchen, this is an ideal time to take advantage of it, or maybe consider installing one. They are very useful, which you can read about in the guide to modular kitchens, especially in situations like this. 

Have delicious snacks on the table that your guests will love. We suggest imaginatively decorated sandwiches and fruit skewers.  Brunch menu's are easy to bring out doors.  Tea sandwiches, quiches and bagels can make some great out door meals.


A party is not a real party without music. Select the music list according to mood and theme. Let there be songs that everyone knows and that they will sing while having fun. Music can be a great way to celebrate with fun songs Like "Baby one more time'  other "baby themed" songs.  You can organize a karaoke competition for older children in attendance or other mom's.

Photos - Say Cheese!

We all love to look at photos of parties. It would not be bad to take care of and find a person who would photograph your perfect party. It is recommended that it not be you, because you will be preoccupied with the guests, but it can be one of your guests. Or let people take pictures post them online using an agreed upon hash tag.  A photo wall or area is always a lot of fun.  Especially if you can include themed props.

Lastly, don't forget the most important thing—the mama!  Parties are special events, and mom should feel it. Make sure that mama spends her day with laughter and joy.  




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