How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Seven Tips That Will Make Your Occasion the Talk of the Town 

 The big day is on the horizon, and the mother-to-be is counting on you to put on a baby shower that will not only mark the occasion with sufficient grandeur but also cater to the needs of all who attend. It’s no easy feat and one that may well be causing you sleepless nights.

 On the subject of sleepless nights, the mother has entrusted you with making this baby shower an utter triumph, no doubt, because she knows what awaits once she welcomes her beautiful child into the world.

 A baby shower typically occurs somewhere in the sweet spot between 28-32 weeks of a mother’s pregnancy, and as an occasion, it’s one that is fairly tricky to arrange. Ahead of the event, perhaps open a Whatsapp (or Snap Chat) group with those who are attending, minus the mother (as she may have other things on her mind), and within this forum, you can discuss the overall budget and timing of the upcoming celebration.

 The responsibility on you is a heavy one, and the burden, so with any luck, the tips we are set to impart upon you should help to ease the strain somewhat.

 Make Sure Gifts Are Varied and Cover Different Age Ranges

 They grow up so fast, don’t they? As the person in charge of the baby shower, you should liaise with those who are attending and impress upon them the importance of offering gifts that cover a variety of sizes. In other words, if all clothing gifts cover 0-3 months or newborns, then the parents-to-be won’t be as well covered going forward.

 If mom has  a baby registry, then inform those attending the baby shower to help ensure mom gets a wide range of presents she wants with as few repeats as possible.

baby shower themes


Be Unique and Personal to the Parents

This goes for the theme and planning of the baby shower itself.

This might mean adding an element of personalization into the gift-giving, and the shower as a whole or could reflect their interests and personalities. This is also a good way to prove that you, as the best friend who is organizing this supremely important event, know precisely what makes her who she is.

Examples include:

- suggesting children' books instead of gift cards

- bringing wine (for after baby is born) instead of gift cards

- having the shower outdoors or highlighting a favorite food (BBQ anyone?)

- suggesting a theme that matches mom's interest.


Not Just Parents

 A common complaint about baby showers is the fact that they are too geared towards parents when there will, typically, always be some who are attending who are not parents, and as such, they can feel a little left out.

Though clearly, a baby shower is a celebration of an impending birth, it can also be a time for a mom-to-be to enjoy some time with her friends, and as such, the party doesn’t need to be solely baby orientated.

 baby shower toast

Plenty of Champagne and/or virgin cockatails

 There is a lot to celebrate! When it comes to putting on a perfect baby shower, a key element is the celebration, and as such, it may be handy to have plenty of champagne on hand to mark the occasion. While the mother-to-be won’t be able to drink, she may well love the idea of a virgin cocktail.

 Starting well wishing toasts from mama's closest friends could be a nice way of celebrating the new mama. Cheers!

baby shower themes

 Niche Parenting

 Perhaps your mother-to-be is crunchy, a term that usually relates to those who are a little more focused on new-age approaches to parenting. In this case, you can represent this at the baby shower or reflect it in the presents that are in their registry.

 For instance, these types of parents may appreciate gifts such as reusable diapers, natural fiber clothing, or access to lactation consultants, which is a great way to approach the parenting technique they favor.

 A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the mother as well as their soon-to-be-born child, and therefore gifts that echo their parenting style.

 Think about Partner

 Though the father-to-be may not be attending the baby shower, as these can tend to be female-only events, that doesn’t mean that they should be left out of the picture entirely.

Sometimes dad's show up in the end or its been popular to have "Jack and Jill" showers where both parents attend.

 Some of the items on the baby registry can accommodate the needs and wants of the fathers as well.

 One great idea is to plan and cover the expenses of a baby-moon for the pair, something for both parents to enjoy once they are happy to leave their baby in the care of others. With this in mind, ensure that the possible dates of hotels are flexible.

 Think About The Siblings

 Perhaps the mother-to-be has other children, and often there can be a certain amount of resentment that exists ahead of and after the arrival of a newborn. A good way to negate this is to show them how they are not forgotten or in any way less important.

 If they are attending the baby shower, then be sure to have gifts on hand for the brothers and sisters of the upcoming child.

 Location Location Location

 Where will your baby shower take place? Often these take place in the home of the parent to be but in many ways, that can prove stressful for the mother; an alternative is to host the event at the house of a friend but perhaps having the event at a nearby restaurant or hotel would add more gravitas to the occasion.

 This is great in many ways as it also saves the hassle of the clean-up and will relieve any of the additional stress that comes with putting on your own party.


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