How To Promote Gut Health During Pregnancy

An unhealthy gut can interfere with a pregnant mother's system, leading to issues that can hurt the unborn baby's development. For example, an unhealthy gut can cause preterm labor and digestive challenges. Once the baby is born immaturely, they develop health complications such as breathing problems that can even be fatal. That said, it's essential as a mother to take care of your gut health during and after pregnancy for your and your baby's health.

How To Promote Gut Health During Pregnancy

Now that you know your gut health is essential for your health and the unborn baby, here are some tips to keep it in check during and after pregnancy.

How To Promote Gut Health During Pregnancy


Eat Food That Contains Probiotics

Food is medicine. Thus, you should watch what you feed on, especially when pregnant, as not everything that's chewable and filling is good for gut and general health. During pregnancy, it's advisable to eat food rich in probiotics to increase the number of probiotics in your gut.

According to experts, probiotics enhance the immune system, gut health, and digestion. Foods containing probiotics include Kefir, apple cider vinegar, and kombucha. Regular yogurt intake is also beneficial as it's rich in probiotics and keeps you hydrated.

Nevertheless, if preparing healthy food is challenging due to your condition, you can opt to shop for healthy food from Proper Good, and rest assured you're feeding on a healthy diet. 

For better gut health, avoiding processed and chemicalized food is advisable. Additionally, foods with additives, artificial sweeteners, and food colors aren't healthy for your gut health since they interfere with probiotics. You should also understand that your unborn baby indirectly feeds on what you're eating. Therefore, if you eat unhealthy food, so do they.

Avoid Food Packaged In Plastic

This tip can be challenging to adhere to, but it benefits the entire family and the unborn baby. Instead of using plastic tins to store your food, opt for ones made of glass. Glass preserves food for extended periods and doesn't leach toxic chemicals into your food and drinks. Even after birth, settle for a baby feeding bottle that won't affect the quality of whatever the baby is feeding on. You can also visit and order nutritious food in health-friendly packages to avoid consuming contaminated food.  

Keep Moving

Understandably, pregnancies can cause women to develop the need to stay put. Some tend to make someone feel sleepy all the time. While these changes are expected due to the condition, staying active for your health and the unborn baby is essential. Besides physical activities being great for physical and mental health, they benefit gut health by reducing inflammation and improving body composition. Additionally, exercises promote positive changes in the gut microbiota composition produced in the gastrointestinal tract.

According to experts, exercise increases the number of healthy gut bacteria that enhance gut health. That said, trying as much as possible to do some exercises before and after birth is advisable. It's also believed that expectant mothers who exercise during pregnancy have larger placentas that increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients supplied to the baby.

Stay Hydrated

Most people know water is essential for maintaining glowing and healthy skin, heart, brain, muscle, and joint health. However, some aren't aware of the importance of water for gut health. If you are yet to understand the importance of water for your gut health, it's vital to note that water ensures your gut stays healthy and functions as it should.

Dehydration or low water intake can cause excess gas, bloating, and diarrhea, which indicate an unhealthy gut. A pregnant woman experiencing such symptoms is at risk of developing severe health issues that can cost them the unborn baby. Fortunately, these signs can be reduced or eradicated by consuming enough fresh water and watery food.

It's also believed that there's a connection between the gut and mental health. That said, symptoms such as anxiety, headaches (common in pregnant women), and depression can signal gut issues that can be corrected by adequate water intake.

Now, the question is: How much water should you take per day? An adult woman should take not less than 2.7 liters of water per day. For pregnant women, you can increase the intake depending on your requirements but ensure you don't take less than required. If drinking pure water is challenging due to the pregnancy, you can opt to add some natural flavors such as ginger, mint, or lemon to alter the taste. Also, consume watery food such as watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, or celery to increase your water intake. Adding Buoy digestion drops to your water not only boosts gut health by supporting digestion but also ensures proper hydration. These natural, sugar-free drops improve nutrient absorption and digestion, making them especially helpful for those with sensitive tastes, like pregnant women. While primarily aimed at enhancing digestive health, the hydration benefit is a valuable bonus, promoting overall well-being with every sip.

Avoid Using Chemicals

Beauty products and household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can interfere with the probiotics in your gut once inhaled. They can also affect the unborn baby breathing through you, not to mention how they can affect a pregnant woman's health due to low immunity. It's, therefore, advisable to go green to avoid health issues that might arise from using chemicals during pregnancy. Choose beauty products and household cleaners that are environmentally friendly and are made from organic ingredients.


Gut health is essential for general wellbeing. Without gut health, you're bound to experience bloating, gas, constipation, and other mental challenges that can interfere with the general quality of life. These symptoms can even worsen in pregnant women since pregnancy alters one's body functionality. Luckily, with the tips discussed above, pregnant women can enhance their gut health during and after pregnancy.

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