Malia Vago - Mom of the Week


Name:  Malia Vago

Instagram Account: @themotherhoodkind 

Little One: Sienna 3 years and a half, Luke 2 years, Penelope 11 months

  1. Tell us about the first time you really felt like a “mom”.

The first time I really felt like a mom was actually while I was still pregnant with my first. I had a breakdown at one point because it felt overwhelming that I would be taking care of this little human being. My husband talked me through it and said to take it day by day and just keep her alive, that all the life lessons were not going to happen for a few years. 

  1. Who is your mom role model?

My mom role model is Brene Brown @brenebrown - she is an author that speaks about vulnerability, perfectionism and shame.When I saw her Ted Talk on vulnerability, my life was altered forever. I read all her books and have learned how to move forward in life with courage.

My mother wasn’t present physically or emotionally much while I was growing up, so she has overcome some obstacles that have surfaced in my own motherhood.

  1. Give us one word that describes your mom style?

One word that describes my style would be simplicity. I’m learning that pairing down to less things, but higher quality items is really the way to go. I’m only buying and keeping things that give me value in return.

  1. what are two tips you have for a new mom?

  • Tip 1: Don’t do this alone. Connect with other moms to get you through the first few months. Isolation and loneliness will plague you if you don’t stay connected to others. It’s important to lean on others who have weathered the storm and get the challenges that come your way.
  • Tip 2: he second piece of advice that I’ll offer is be confident in your decisions and don’t let anyone shame you. You are a great mom whether you choose breastmilk of formula, whether you use cloth diapers or regular diapers. 
  1. Favorite Finn + Emma product and why?

My kids have loved the rattle lovies. They cuddle with them at night and Penny has grown so attached to hers that we take it everywhere!

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