Matt Traynor - Dad of the Week

Dad: Matt Traynor

Little One: Jaxin 

1) tell us about the first time you really felt like a dad?

 Once the craziness of delivery was over, and the tons of emotions had settled, we finally had our alone time with newborn Jaxin. I was able to have tummy time with and it was in that moment with him laying on my chest I thought “Wow, we made this. Im a dad to the most amazing little boy”.

2) if you can tell your baby one bit of advice what would be?

Definitely to be yourself. He’s got the genes of two awesome parents so there’s no need to be like anyone else haha.

3) how do you balance your child’s needs with your other responsibilities

Unfortunately with my job as a touring drummer in a rock band, I miss out on a lot. But besides the hour or so that I am on stage, nothing is more important than getting photo updates of him or FaceTiming with him. I could stare at him for hours. When I am home, Jaxin is #1.

4) two tips for a new dad

Help with everything. Happy coparenting will lead to a happy, stress free environment. Also, take TOO many photos/videos. If you think you are documenting too much, you probably aren’t. They grow up so fast and you’ll be happy to look back on those moments.

5) what is your favorite finn+emma product

Jungle play gym in white. Moms favorite animal is a giraffe.

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