Megan Grbic - Mom of the Week


Name: Megan Grbic

Instagram: @naviluka

Little One: Navi Luka


1.Tell us the most challenging part of being a mom and how do you overcome it? 

 The most challenging part of being a mama is trying to find balance. Balance in the day today goings-on at home, at work, family, friends, etc. Often the baby, understandably, will require more time, which means time away from husband, family, work… You get the picture. What I have learned, however, is to be open to asking for help. Help from my family, help from my husband, help from my friends.

2.What would be one wish you had for your babies future?

I wish for my child to grow to be kind, considerate, generous with his time, and yet respectful of his own boundaries and needs.

3.Who is your mom role model?

My mom role model is Hilaria Baldwin. Her inspirational posts on Instagram keep me laughing and thriving.

 4.Two tips for a new mom?

The two tips I would offer any mother would be to: a) Ask for help when you need a break and b) USE that break. Take the time to take care of yourself, read a magazine, cook a meal for yourself. Mama yourself.

5.Favorite Finn + Emma product and why?

My favorite product is Jack the Sailor I purchased him many months before my baby was born, knowing that he would love Ramsey. And I was right. He has carried Ramsey with him, from a trip to Europe when he was five months old, to many, many car trips, to bed… So much that we finally had to replace Ramsey with another Ramsey!

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