Mom of the Week | Dr. Vanessa Mendez


Name:  Vanessa Mendez
Instagram:  @plantbasedgutdoc
Little One:  Emmy (short for Emmanuel), 18 months

Tell us about the first time you really felt like a mom.

I think it really hit me that I was a mom when Emmy was several weeks old and had a runny nose & an “almost fever” my first time mom brain kicked in and I forgot to use my medical brain to walk myself through the process of what it could be and calm myself down. At that point it hit me, I am a mother, and worrying about my little one is part of it.

What is one wish you have for your baby's future?

I wish above all for physics health & a peaceful happy mind.

If you could give your baby one bit of advice, what would it be?

Love yourself, be kind to all the creatures in this planet.

How do you balance your child's needs with your other responsiblities?

It’s tough balancing my doctor life & being a mom but thankfully I have an amazing support system that allows me to do both.

What's your favorite Finn + Emma product, and why?

Our favorite products have to be the ultra soft organic gorgeous PJs and clothing.

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