Must-haves for baby’s first Thanksgiving

Baby’s first Thanksgiving is a milestone worth celebrating—and being very thankful for. Today we’ve rounded up seven must-haves—also great for gift giving!—for this special day. 

  1. A bib!
  2. Burp cloth
  3. An adorable outfit—and layers!
  4. A keepsake
  5. A cozy spot to nap
  6. A way to keep baby entertained!
  7. Limiting travel-related headaches


  1. A bib!

 Thanksgiving baby bib

This is probably pretty self-explanatory, but if there’s a day when you want to make especially sure that baby is wearing a bib at mealtime, it’s Thanksgiving. Especially if you’ll be hosting people at your home, or visiting someone else’s. Anything to help contain messes! Sure, any good bib would technically do—but why not have a little fun with a festive edition. Might we suggest this adorable Thanksgiving bib that features a holiday greeting and slice of pie?


  1. Burp cloth


Along the same lines, on a day like Thanksgiving, you want to be extra-prepared in the burping department! This Thanksgiving burp cloth matches the above bib. Or, if you’re a pumpkin spice lover, this one is right up your alley. All of our burp cloths are designed with both baby and you in mind: they’re made of super-soft organic cotton and generously sized.

 baby hoodie

  1. An adorable outfit—and layers!


Whether you want to be fancy or low-key, pick an adorable (and comfortable!) outfit for baby’s first Thanksgiving. You can find all of our autumn essentials here, including whimsical bodysuits and cozy pants. And, especially if you’re traveling, don’t forget to bring a hoodie (our new colors include pine green and vintage aqua) to keep baby warm in chilly spaces or on cool nights.


baby knit toy and keepsake

  1. A keepsake


A keepsake makes any holiday more special. This can be anything you want. Maybe you’d like to pass down something meaningful to your child each Thanksgiving. In some cases, they might not be able to enjoy the items right away, but it’s a wonderful tradition to begin early. Alternatively, you could gift baby an heirloom-quality toy. (We’ve got plenty of wonderful, non-toxic toys to choose from, here!)

Baby Play Mat
  1. A cozy spot to nap


All the eating, socializing, and activity makes Thanksgiving a prime day for napping, no matter one’s age! But of course baby will especially need a good rest, especially if the normal routine has been up-ended. Have you seen our new carry cots? They are a modern take on the classic Moses basket and are awesome for use in your own home, or for travel.


Also—our oval lounger and round play mat both provide baby with a safe and dreamy place to relax. These items feature a boho-chic design, and they are beautiful enough that you’ll want to leave them out all the time, even if you have guests! (They also come with duffle bag that you can use for travel.)


  1. A way to keep baby entertained!


Sorry to tell you, but baby might not be as excited about Thanksgiving as you are. And little ones may quickly tire of all the food prep, adult talk, and trying to be on one’s best behavior. In other words, you’re going to need a way to keep baby entertained (and yes, you may have to excuse yourselves from the table sometimes). Whether you’re at home or away, our play gyms are a great choice for fostering movement and engagement in a fun and safe way. Or, if you’re looking for something smaller, check out our non-toxic baby toys, which include lots of whimsical stroller toys in unique shapes.


portable baby play mat

  1. Limiting travel-related headaches


We can’t help with all of the potential travel snafus you may encounter if you’re setting off to grandma’s house, or elsewhere. But we can help you when it comes to portable products that will make your life easier. As we mentioned above, our play mats are easy to pack up and carry along (even if you’re boarding a flight), and our play gyms are light and lithe enough to be packed in your back seat or trunk. Plus, you’ll appreciate the snaps that keep our stroller toys secured where you want them (and not on the floor)!


What else do you consider a must-have for baby’s first Thanksgiving? We’d love to hear!







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