Q&A with Jamie-Lyn Sigler: Collaborating with Finn + Emma on a Fall 2020 Collection

The Finn + Emma x Jamie-Lyn Sigler Collection has arrived! You probably know Jamie-Lyn from her work as an actress on the Sopranos, and she also co-hosts the Mama Said Podcast, which covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a mom.

This new collection features graphic tees and bodysuits with timely sayings that are big on honesty and heart. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jamie-Lyn for a quick Q&A to get her reflections on motherhood and the creative process of working on her designs with us.

Finn + Emma (F+E): How old are your children, and could you share one silly thing about each of them?

Jamie-Lyn Sigler (JLS): I have two boys: Beau, who is seven years old, and Jack, who is two-and-a-half. They couldn’t be more different! Beau is a big sports guy, and since March—now that he’s spending a lot more time at home, with a lot more screen time than he’s used to—he’s transitioned from the career path of NHL goalie to that of professional “gamer” or “YouTuber.” My baby Jack, or Jack Jack, as we love to call him, is my little worker. He loves a job: anything from doing dishes, to washing the outdoor furniture, to vacuuming…these are the things he loves to do most!

F+E: You are currently hosting a podcast called “Mama Said” (with over 5 million downloads!) that explores the “shitty and pretty” parts of parenthood. How has talking about parenthood each week enlightened you?

JLS: Mama Said has become like therapy each week for me. Getting to sit down with fellow moms, and experts and celebs, and talk openly and honestly about our experiences as parents has opened my eyes, inspired me, and given me community. It’s why we started the podcast. To disrupt the idea of this perfect parent—no one knows exactly what they are doing—but we all have the common goal: make sure my kid knows how much they are loved.  We are all going to screw this up in some way, so we might as well do it together and laugh along the way.

F+E: What about the Finn + Emma brand and products did you like when you were first looking at collaborating?

JLS: I have been a fan of Finn + Emma for a long time. I always appreciated the brand’s quality, design, and message. When I got the call about creating this collection, I jumped at the chance. I think especially in these past few months, what we have gone though collectively…our children are our hope. So this line sets out to reflect that, with a little bit of humor too!

F+E: What excites you most about seeing your designs come to life?

JLS: They came out so beautifully! They are simple, yet their messages are powerful, and the designs are strong and sweet. I also love the quality and softness (especially coming from a mom of two boys who hate tags and “itchy” shirts)!

F+E: What did you learn in the process of creating this collection?

JLS: This experience was an opportunity for me to get to see how a conversation with intention and heart can turn into something so beautiful, so quickly! We talked about this line and our ideas at the very beginning of quarantine, and now more than ever, these messages still are so powerful—and they always will be.

F+E: How did you and the Finn + Emma team translate the special moments of parenthood into this collection?

JLS: Well, “product of quarantine” is obvious. I think the families and couples that were able to connect and create life during these hard times should wear it loud and proud. The other sayings—“love is love” and “this too shall pass”—are inspired by the communities that need our support now more than ever; to know we don’t judge and we believe a world with love can heal.

We hope the new collection makes you and your little ones as happy as it makes Jamie-Lyn and all of us here at Finn + Emma.

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