Quick Relief: 5 Strategies To Alleviate Adult Diaper Rash Pain Fast

 While diaper rashes are a common occurrence for babies, they can be a real nuisance for adults too, especially elderly people suffering from ailments like incontinence. Diaper rashes are more prone to occur in adults who wear adult diapers for a longer duration.

These diaper rashes can cause irritation and, in severe cases, may also lead to urinary infections. However, with proper treatment, these diaper rashes can be easily treated to avoid any further discomfort.

Therefore, this comprehensive guide is going to investigate five strategies that you can adopt to quickly alleviate adult diaper rash pain.

 What is Adult Diaper Rash?

Before listing strategies on how to relieve diaper rash pain fast, it is essential to understand what adult diaper rash is. Also known as diaper dermatitis, adult diaper rash occurs when the skin in the diaper area gets irritated.

Generally, it manifests as a rash with patches of red or pink irritated skin, sometimes featuring small bumps. These rashes are treatable and usually clear up on their own or with the assistance of home remedies, topical creams, and ointments.

Sometimes, these symptoms can get worse, to the point where it can be very painful, when the irritation occurs in the areas surrounding the diaper, such as the groin, buttocks, thighs, hips, and genital area.

Even if it’s a small irritation, this can lead to severe discomfort and make it difficult to walk, wear certain clothing, or go about your daily activities.

 adult diaper rash

Different Intensity of Diaper Rash


There are different stages of diaper rash, which vary according to the infection:

  • Slight - The first stage of diaper rash. During minor rashes, you may detect some redness in the afflicted region. A little diaper rash may be treated properly and removed within 24 hours.
  • Mild - Mild rash is the following step. Rashes are more noticeable at this time.
  • Moderate - Moderate Diaper rash is more severe since it produces irritation that might last 4-5 days.
  • Severe - This type of diaper rash spreads over the area covered by the diaper and may take a week to heal.

adult diaper rash


Different Methods of Alleviating Diaper Rash

1. Apply Proper Creams and Ointments

There are several solutions available for preventing and treating diaper rash both in stores and online, making it simple to get care right away. One method for preventing and treating diaper rash is to use zinc oxide-containing cream regularly.

Zinc oxide works as a friction barrier and relieves discomfort and burning, so having the substance on hand when using adult diapers for men may be beneficial. Other treatments, such as Aquaphor and Vaseline, can treat similar symptoms but are transparent rather than white. These emollients help to keep moisture away.

Furthermore, some sources state that using vitamin A topically helps with diaper dermatitis. A Cochrane Database Systematic Review, which investigated the use of topical vitamin A for the treatment of napkin dermatitis, found no evidence to support or reject the use of topical vitamin A formulations.

2. Use Wet Wipes

Diaper rash affects both newborns and adults in similar ways. Treatments for adults, on the other hand, may differ since they have less fragile skin. Using medicated wet wipes helps to reduce diaper rash. It keeps your skin clean and dry, preventing contact with microbes.

To avoid rashes, use moist wipes before and after wearing your diaper. Do not massage your skin excessively since this causes friction, which can cause skin irritation. You should gently pat your skin with damp wipes and allow it to dry naturally.

3. Allow Air Flow

adult diaper rash


Wearing diapers for longer than 15-20 hours will almost certainly result in skin irritation and rash. Allow some time to air out your skin without covering it with a blanket or other undergarments. Air exposure in the diaper region allows your skin to breathe and rapidly heal rashes.

Another preventative step is to use incontinence adult diapers that are hypoallergenic and breathable. The little holes in the breathable briefs are known as micropores, and they assist in reducing humidity while increasing air movement.

According to a study, breathable disposable diapers have been demonstrated to lower candidal infection rates by 38-50% while reducing Candida colony survival by two-thirds.

An additional breakthrough is the incorporation of a water-impermeable but vapor-permeable barrier between diaper layers. This selectively permeable membrane allows water vapor to leave while preventing urine leakage and keeping the skin dry.

In research, this diaper was found to lower the incidence of severe and moderate diaper dermatitis by 39% and 18%, respectively.

4. Frequently Change Diaper

adult diaper rash


Changing adult diapers regularly might assist in keeping the region clean and dry. Change into a new diaper, especially if there has been leaking.

When an individual uses a diaper to manage incontinence, their skin is more prone to be exposed to moisture longer. Due to this dampness, such exposure can cause skin damage and bacterial infections.

Therefore, change your diapers often to minimize bacteria buildup and keep your skin clean.  Even with a hectic schedule, take two baths daily with warm or moderate water.

Additionally, you can put baking soda in your bath. This can assist in destroying germs. However, avoid using scented body wash or soaps.

5. Utilize Natural Medicines

In some cases, you can significantly counter diaper rashes quickly by using natural and homemade medicines, such as:

  • Apply coconut oil, aloe vera, or shea butter straight to the afflicted region.
  • Use diluted apple cider vinegar to clean the region or in a bath.
  • You may also use olive oil to cleanse the area.
  • Apply cornstarch instead of talcum powder while changing diapers since it suppresses yeast developmentand protects against frictional irritation in diaper dermatitis. However, it does not create a continuous lipid barrier layer over the skin and obstructs skin pores.
  • Chamomile tea and honey can also help alleviate diaper rash fast; brew the tea, mix it with one spoonful of honey, and spray it on the afflicted region.



Adult diapers are an effective method to combat incontinence; however, prolonged usage of these diapers can lead to continuous moisture around the groin area, which ultimately leads to diaper dermatitis or diaper rash.

Though these diaper rashes are common, if left untreated, they can form an infection. Therefore, it is essential to negate these rashes using effective methods and ensure a hygienic and safe adult diaper experience.


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