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Tips to make bath time bearable (and maybe even lots of fun!)

Bath time: some toddlers love it, others not so much. But, don’t worry…if your little one falls into the “not so much” camp, we’ve got some tips to help them (and you!) turn that bath-time frown upside down.  

Warm things up 

Nobody likes being uncomfortably chilly, and especially not when naked. So, be sure to make both the bathroom and bath nice and warm for baby. This sets the stage for the entire ritual to go smoother.     

Create a fun soundtrack

Cheerful tunes make bath time way more fun. Create a “soundtrack” (a Spotify playlist, or your listening method of choice) of some beloved Disney songs—or whatever baby (and you) will enjoy. 


Keep the sensory experience going with a rotating variety of playthings in the tub. Toys can help distract your little one from aspects of the bath they don’t find as enjoyable, while also serving as learning tools. Waterproof books are great too. 

Keep the shampoo as gentle as possible

The goal is, of course, to keep the shampooing routine tear-free. Pick a baby-friendly product, like those from The Honest Company, and always pour the rinse water as gently as possible—especially until your little one gets used to the sensation. (In addition to shampoo/body wash, check out Honest’s bubble bath, bottom wash, and more!)

Post-bath comfy outfits 

Getting out of a nice warm bath is way easier when one can hop right into a comfy, cozy outfit—like Finn + Emma’s coveralls, pajamas, pants, and bodysuits. (Sorry we don’t make them in adult sizes!)  Because as much as you may struggle to get your child into a bath, you might find it just as hard to pry them out of one after they get used to it.  

Take your time

Your child may not get their “sea legs” right away, but don’t worry. And if meltdowns happen (as is likely, with even the most bath-loving of kids), don’t sweat it. Before long, bath time is bound to (hopefully!) be a treasured routine for everyone involved.

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