Savvy Ways To Save On Nursery And Playroom Furniture

Let's learn ways to save money on Nursery and Playroom Furniture! Becoming a new mom is both an exciting and scary journey. No matter how meticulous you've been in preparing for the arrival of your little one, it always feels like you still might have missed something.  

Save Money on Nursery Furniture

This is especially true when you plan for their dainty nursery and playroom. Your goal is to set up a safe and comfortable space for your baby. But since nursery and playroom furniture can be expensive, achieving this goal can be daunting.  

Good thing this post will help you by listing some savvy ways you can get your hands on affordable and quality furniture and toys like the trendy RC controlled buddies for this significant project. So, don't fret. Your dream nursery and playroom for your little bundle of joy are achievable.   

  • Plan Ahead 
  • Planning is super important. Some would-be moms plan for this even before conceiving; nothing wrong with that. But you can start planning once you confirm you're pregnant or once you know the gender of your baby. The sooner you start on this, the better.  

    It's essential to set a budget and peg how much you'd be willing to spend on this project. Some new moms, in their excitement, fail to do this. So, they end up with many things they couldn't utilize. If you know any moms like this, it's best to get your dibs on stuff they'd be willing to sell or swap, but more of that in a bit.  

    Make a list of everything you need and try your hardest to stick to that. It may be tempting to buy a piece of furniture because it's too cute. But remember your goal and focus. Your baby won't even be able to appreciate that yet. A list will help you stay on track and prevent you from buying unnecessary items. 

    Check what other moms are saying about a specific item and read reviews. You don't want a piece of furniture or toy with which others had a bad experience.  

  • Invest In Quality Furniture 
  • Yes, quality furniture is expensive, and you might say it's counterintuitive when this list of savvy ways to save. But a quality piece of furniture will last a very long time. And that means you don't need to replace it or spend money on repairs. You can even use it when you plan to have more children. Come to think of it—you're saving more money in the long run. 

    shop for used furniture

  • Shop For Used Furniture 
  • Babies outgrow their things quickly. You'd be surprised how many good-as-new furniture and toys you can find on online marketplaces, bazaars, and local consignment shops. Some would even have tags, meaning they were probably never used.  

    This is a great way to save. But remember to clean and sanitize the items well, even if they look clean and new, before using them.  

  • Consider Multi-Functional Furniture 
  • Multi-functional furniture has been quite popular in recent years, and as a new mom, you can take advantage of this concept to save money. You can get convertible cribs instead of regular ones since these can transform into toddler beds as your child grows.  

    Another great one is a changing table with storage. The drawers at the bottom can store everything you need while changing, like diapers, wipes, and sanitizers. You don't need to buy a separate storage container for them. It looks neater too.  

  • Do-It-Yourself Furniture 
  • If you have a knack for building and crafting, why not make your own furniture? Aside from saving money, this will make it even more special for your little one. You can document the fun memories you had while creating them so that you can show your child in the future.  

    Doing this can be challenging if you're not experienced, but there are hundreds of videos online that you can use as a guide.  

  • Be On The Lookout For Sales 
  • Baby items are one of the most frequently listed with huge discounts in stores, so it's worth waiting for them. Watch out for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales; you won't regret it. But aside from those two huge sales, some stores may offer discounts year-round. If you want to get notified, sign up on your favorite shop's email list or follow them on social media to get updated.  

  • Borrow Or Swap 
  • This post previously mentioned getting your first dibs on other moms' excessive shopping haul. If you know another mom who has a ton of baby items in storage, why not reach out to them and offer to buy, borrow or swap things they might not need anymore? If they're generous, they might not even charge you for them.  

  • Buy Neutral Colors 
  • Neutral colors such as gray, white, or beige are very versatile. They don't have to be boring. You can prettify them by adding a pop of color in a few places and styling them appropriately. The great thing about them is you can reuse them if you plan to have future kids. They're gender-neutral, so you can use them if you have another baby. Also, these colors always stay in style. If you're not planning to have more children, you can sell them to recoup some of your investment.  


    It can be easy to overspend when shopping for your child. And often, you only realize it when you can't cramp their stuff anywhere in your home. Achieving a safe, fun, and comfortable nursery and playroom without breaking the bank can be done following the tips this post outlined. So, plan ahead and be a savvy new mom for your little bundle of joy.  

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