Shopping organic for your baby this holiday season

Making your list healthy (and checking it twice)…

As hard as it may be to believe (despite Santa featuring prominently in TV ads these days!) the end-of-year holiday season is nearly upon us.  Amidst all the “Buy me! Buy me!” messaging, what’s the best strategy for thoughtful purchasing?  Organic goods are a great place to start.  Here are some of top recommendations:   


‘Tis the season for lots of food shopping.  Whether you’re hosting festive events at your house, or bringing goodies or food-gifts to school, neighborhood, or family parties, it’s worth taking a minute to consider what goes in your cart.  Buy organic when you can—especially spinach, apples, tomatoes, and the other “Dirty Dozen” items listed on the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce.  (The “Clean 15”—produce for which the non-organic varieties are safe and don’t tend to be pesticide-laden—includes onions, broccoli, kiwis, and asparagus.)


Between you and your kids, someone is bound to need or want a new outfit for the holiday season.  Look for GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)-certified cotton for the healthiest, highest quality offerings.  These items don’t contain any harmful chemicals or dyes (like conventional clothing can), and the certification also ensures safe working conditions for anyone involved in their production.  All Finn + Emma clothes are GOTS-certified.


Store shelves are brimming with squishy, colorful toys that your kids would love to play with, and maybe even chew on.  But, watch out for plastic playthings and stuffed toys filled with polyester, which put your kids in close proximity to chemicals you’d probably prefer to avoid (plastics and polyester both starts life as crude oil).  Instead, look for toys made from organic fabrics, natural wool, and/or wood. All Finn + Emma toys are non-toxic. 

Happy, healthy shopping!  And warm holiday wishes from us to you!

P.S. Can’t decide what to get?  Finn + Emma gift cards are always in style!

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