Spring has finally sprung!


Spring has finally sprung!

Bringing with it some of our favorite things…

 Are you a lover of springtime?  It’s hard not to be (barring the annoyance of seasonal allergies!).  What are some of your favorite things about this season?  Today we’re sharing some of ours… 

  • Blooming flowers!

It’s hard not to smile when the sun is out and flowers are blooming in all the glorious colors of nature’s rainbow.  In fact, we love wildflowers so much that we’ve dedicated a new collection to them, with shorts, pajamas, a jumpsuit, cap, and more; it just launched, so check it out! 

  • Being outside again!

See ‘ya later, cabin fever!  It’s so refreshing, both psychically and emotionally, to be being able to spend time outside again, kids in tow.  Whether you’re simply playing in the backyard, going for a walk, or having a picnic, outdoor time is the best.  And, Finn + Emma blankets are great for outdoor (as well as indoor!) fun.  They’re perfect size for swaddling, snuggling, and learning to crawl on—and of course made with 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.

  • Babies everywhere!

Springtime seems to bring with it so many adorable babies—of both human and animal varieties!  Baby lambs, baby chicks, baby birds…  We love seeing newborn animals in their natural habitats at farms and parks, and your human babies will love seeing them too. 

  • Color!

We love color here at Finn + Emma, and spring is the perfect time to surround yourself with nature’s loveliest shades and bright new objects for the home and wardrobe.  Have you seen our Emily Winfield Martin Dreamworld collection that includes bodysuits, bibs, and more?  It is especially cheerful with its polka dots and bright colors! 

 Whatever your favorite part about springtime, enjoy the season and time spent with your little ones! 



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