The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Couples

 With Valentine's Day approaching, it's time to find gifts for your spouse or partner. But what if they seem to have everything? What if your person is not into mushy affection and elaborate gifts? Neither scenario needs to be an issue.


While there's nothing wrong with going the traditional romantic route, it's completely acceptable to take more of a fun path on Valentine's Day.  Before you make your decision, it’s a good idea to check with your significant other to see if they would enjoy a gift that is more romantic, practical, or fun.  Below, Finn + Emma has listed some of our favorite gift ideas for men and women. Some are romantic, while others are just plain cool.

valentines day for couples 



Most of the time, classic is classic for a reason. And flowers are often the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a significant other. You can go uber-traditional with long-stemmed red roses. If you want to add a nice touch, combine red and pink roses in the bouquet.


Roses are not the only appropriate flowers for Valentine's Day. Consider getting your spouse or partner a purple orchid. These flowers are as exotic as they are delicate, and they can last for years as long as they are taken care of. Fortunately, they are fairly low maintenance if you buy flowers online.

New Backpack


This is a practical-but-awesome Valentine's Day gift. After all, who doesn't love a new high-quality backpack? For him, consider the Carhartt 2-in-1 Cooler Backpack. For her, look into the elegant Nordace Siena Smart Backpack.


Neck Massager


If your partner is like many other people, they deal with pain, tension, and stress in their neck, shoulders, upper back, or head. That's why a neck massager could be the ideal gift. It's a practical and sweet way to say, "I care." There are countless kneading massagers on the market, so take your pick.


Of course, even the nicest massager available cannot replace a personal touch. Don't forget to give your partner an extra massage or two on Valentine's Day.


Couples Board Game or Activity


If you want to make your special person happy while equipping yourself for some fantastic date nights, go with a board game or activity. For instance, Codenames: Duet will get you and your partner thinking creatively while adding a little mystery to your evening.


If you want a more romantic gift, consider Love Linguals, which provides fun opportunities to talk about the past, the future, intimacy, and more.


New Wardrobe or Accessories


In addition to showing how much you care, this is something that’s guaranteed to get a lot of use. Hardworking moms in particular could always use some stylish clothes like a comfortable and elegant maternity nursing top. Or maybe some earrings or a handbag will put a smile on her face.




Nothing says "I love you and want you to be comfortable" like a pair of slippers. The L.L. Bean Wicked Good Camp Moccasins are some of the coziest and highest quality slippers on the market. While technically moccasins, you can comfortably wear these shoes at bedtime or while running errands.


New Phone      


Another practical Valentine's Day gift option is a new smartphone. There are more than enough models to choose from, many of which are affordable. Whether you go with an Android or Apple device, be sure to load up the phone with some of your partner's favorite apps. And while you're at it, try a new, fun couples app like coBlossom.


Support Your Favorite Charity and Please Your Partner, too


Consider buying a gift from a non-profit organization that supports humans, animals, or the environment.  For example, Thistle Farms helps women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction with sales of bath and body products, candles, jewelry, and essential oils.


Whether you're looking for romantic, practical, fun, or a combination of these, you have plenty of gift options at your disposal. Do a little digging on the web and consider the ideas above. In no time, you will know exactly what to get your special someone to tell them you love them.


Finn + Emma lives in the balance of stylish and sustainable, classic and contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. Shop online today or contact us for more info!

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