the perfect holiday splurge:
eco-friendly baby play gym

organic baby play gym

‘Tis the season for treasuring those you hold near and dear—and expressing your appreciation in ways small and large.  In other words, this time of year gives you a great excuse to get that special-treat item you’ve been eyeing for your baby, or splurge on a gift for a friend’s or relative’s child.

Enter: Finn + Emma play gyms, which offer the little ones in your life a wonderful way to foster creativity, entertainment, and movement.  Infants and parents alike love our non-toxic baby play gyms, which are made of birch (choose from white, light, or dark wood) and feature an assortment of eco-friendly toys (made with organic cotton and sheep’s wool).

Check out some of our favorites, in whimsical themes from robot and hipster, to jungle and totem.  Whichever one you choose, you’ll provide a wonderful way for your little ones to get a safe “workout” while exploring new shapes and textures.  (The gym toys also match our clothing lines, so…the possibilities for cuteness are endless!)

Unlike plastic toys that can contain substances harmful to baby, these products are healthy.  Finn + Emma baby play gyms are free of: lead, phthalates, nickel, mercury, and VOCs, so you can breathe easy—literally!  Plus, the gym frames “grow” with your child (adjustable to two heights) and are easily portable; they can be used on the floor, on a high chair or stroller, or in the car.  Get ready for hours of fun family time—fitting for this special time of year.

Happy gift giving! 

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