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The holidays provide a wonderful chance to gather with friends and family—and maybe even show off your latest addition!  But sometimes a plane, train, or long car ride is involved, and you may be feeling less enthusiastic about this aspect of the season.  But don’t fear: when it comes to holiday travel with kids, we say that a prepared and organized family wins, and we’re sharing our top tips to help you along the way:

  • Plan, plan, plan: The smartest thing you can do to help travels go smoothly is plan ahead.  If possible, try to travel more than two days before or after the actual holiday when things are less busy.  Flying?  Request seats in the bulkhead for plenty of legroom.  Driving?  Print off directions in case your phone’s GPS goes on the fritz; plan plenty of stops; and research fun or interesting places to take a break with the kiddos. 
  • Pack like a pro: Make a checklist of all the things you’ll need for each person in the family.  Then add things like childproofing supplies, first aid kit, medicines, toys, extra pacifiers, and snacks for travel.  Keep tickets and IDs in a folder so everything is in one place and include important health/emergency information to keep with you while you at all times. 
  • Invest in a GPS locator: If your holiday travel takes you through busy airports or crowded attractions, it’s a smart idea to invest in a child GPS locator.  Your kid wears a watch-like gadget and you’re able to track their location through an app on your phone.  Look for styles like the LG GizmoPal Wireless GPS Track Call Child Wearable Smartwatch.
  • Comfort is key: When traveling, comfort is essential, especially for children! Pack ultra-soft outfits for long days in the car or plane, or lounging with family.  Always consider ease of diaper changes while on the go, and look for outfits that are designed to make life easier no matter where you are.  (Finn + Emma’s buttery soft pajamas and chic coveralls provide comfort and ease—and are great for traveling, sightseeing, or hanging at home!)
  • Don’t forget travel toys & activities: For car travel, do yourself a favor and get an organizer that hangs from the back of the front seat.  These are great for storing toys and allow tots to grab what they want (it can also hold a sippy cup and snacks).  For air travel, a roomy backpack with lots of compartments is ideal—and be sure to bring the toys or devices that keep your kids entertained the longest.  (Finn + Emma’s plush rattle toys, wooden teethers, and stroller toys offer non-toxic, easily transported fun and entertainment!)
  • Plan travel around sleep time: It’s not always possible, but you can attempt to plan your departure and arrival times around naps as much as possible.  And once you arrive at your destination, try to keep kids on their usual schedule so they feel more comfortable in a new or different place.  

We hope these tips will help your holiday adventures go as smoothly as possible.  And if you need any last-minute apparel or toys for your little ones—or as gifts for holiday hosts—we’ve got your back.  All of Finn + Emma’s products are healthy and safe for kids, as well as the environment; it’s a fact we’re thankful for every day.

We wish the happiest of holidays to you and yours…now get out there and travel like a pro!


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