tips for taking perfect (or perfectly imperfect) instagram photos

Here at Finn + Emma, we love photos of spunky, adventurous, stylish kiddos. (And we especially love it when parents share Instagram pics that feature their kids sporting #finnandemma gear!) We are also constantly inspired by the mad photography skills of our fans and followers.

If you’re new to Instagram (or to photographing little ones, for that matter!)—or you’d like to brush up on photo-taking—we thought we’d share a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way.

1. Use natural light.

This might sound obvious, but it’s worth keeping in mind. Just like you, your child looks best in pure, non-artificial light. Take advantage of sun-dappled days, or even the warm lighting effects at dusk. Even if you’re not sure there’s enough natural light, try without the flash first—and you can always add it if you need it. (Plus, underexposure is always better than overexposure.)

2. Guide the viewer’s eye to your main subject.

Simple, right?—who wouldn’t want to look at your adorable child! What we mean is that your photo shouldn’t be so cluttered that the viewer is distracted from the central story of your child’s precious moment. (To help with composition, you can try the “Grid” feature on an iPhone to help position your subject within your frame.)

3. Play with filters—or don’t.

Filters offer all kinds of special effects for your images. They can be fun to try, and in some cases might add a nice flair or a peaceful vibe to your photos. Other times they can get in the way of the beauty, playfulness, or truth of the moment you’ve captured.

4. Try unique backgrounds and angles.


Get up on a stool and take a photo looking down on your baby. Zoom out and capture not only your child but also the unique setting in which they are playing. Sneak a candid shot when you child is walking in front of you at the beach. In other words, change up your perspective from time to time, and you’ll get more-interesting photos.

5. Break the rules!


Let your creativity speak to you, and don’t get hung up on so-called rules. Be playful. Take more than one shot, and pick the best one later. Most importantly, you’re capturing magical moments, which is what really matters.

6. Tag #finnandemma


We love seeing the fruits of your labor AND you’ll be automatically entered to win our monthly $50 giveaway!

Happy snapping!

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