Traveling with a Baby: Essential Gear for Hassle-Free Trips

Traveling with a baby is both rewarding and exhausting. Your little one gets to experience the outside world and you get to make new memories with your family. On the other hand, it’s all foreign, which can be overwhelming for a baby–which is why having the right gear on you is so important. 

To make the most of traveling with your baby, especially as the summer holidays approach, you need to have essential baby travel gear on hand. 

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t fret. Use this checklist to pack for your travels and prepare to have a good time! 

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1. Transportation Gear

Car Seat 

Easily the most important item on this list, a car seat is a must-have item when traveling with a baby. It’s necessary to ensure your child is safe when on the road. 

As for the car seat, choose an easy-to-install, lightweight car seat that meets all road safety regulations. Comfort is also extremely important if you’re going to be on the road for long stretches. Make sure the car seat maximizes comfort and ventilation to keep your baby happy and healthy. 


Carrying your baby all day, every day isn’t an option when traveling, so pack a stroller for your travels. Similar to the car seat, go for a high-quality but lightweight option. It should fold and store easily. A durable frame and wheels, as well as a canopy to block the sun, are a must. 

Baby Carrier 

A baby carrier is a great way to keep your little one near without sacrificing your mobility. Opt for a sturdy design with a comfortable handle. The carrier seat should also have an ergonomic design and ventilation to maintain your baby’s posture and comfort. 

Travel Crib or Playard

]With so many new sites, sounds, and people, a familiar spot like a travel crib is necessary to soothe your baby’s nerves. Again, opt for a compact option that travels easily. If it’s new, have your baby spend some time with the play yard or crib at home before your travels. This way your baby will already be familiar with the crib when traveling. 

2. Feeding Essentials

Bottles and Formula/Breastfeeding Supplies

Keeping your baby’s feeding schedule consistent is critical for their health and comfort. So, keep your usual bottles and formulas on hand. Or, if you’re breastfeeding, keep your breastfeeding supplies close by. BPA-free bottles and insulated bags are also a must to keep milk at the right temperature. 

Portable High Chair/Booster Seat

Bring a lightweight and portable high chair or booster seat along so that you can feed your little one wherever you are–whether that be in a hotel room or at a restaurant. 

Snack Containers and Cooler Bags

Snacks are important on trips with babies, so keep your supply safe with spill-proof snack containers. Insulated cooler bags, like the Everyday Makai Coolio, are also necessary to keep perishables at the right temperature. 

3. Diapering and Hygiene Supplies

Diaper Bag 

A diaper bag is necessary for keeping your hygiene supplies organized and clean. Your diaper bag should have multiple compartments to keep items organized and accessible. We’d also suggest choosing an easy-to-clean and waterproof bag material.

Portable Changing Pad

To keep your baby safe from unknown contaminants on your travels, you’ll need a portable changing pad that is small and easy to travel with. Choose one that’s waterproof and padded. It makes it much easier to clean and provides more comfort. 

Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer 

Babies' immune systems are still developing, so it's up to you to keep your baby healthy on your travels. Bring along gentle baby wipes and alcohol-free hand sanitizer to clean your hands when soap and water aren’t available. 

Disposable Diaper Bags

Managing your waste is necessary to maintain optimal hygiene. Purchase odor-sealing and biodegradable disposable diaper bags for quick storage until you can dispose of the waste. You can also put other items, like soiled baby clothes, in these bags to keep your diaper bag clean and odor-free.

4. Health and Safety Items

First Aid Kit

Minor injuries are unavoidable, so keep a travel first aid kit on hand and make sure it contains baby-safe items like antiseptic wipes and fever medication. Also, remember to pack any prescription medication. 

Baby Monitor

Keep an eye on your baby with a travel baby monitor. Small, compact, and powerful, these little monitors have a long battery life, and audio and video to help you keep an eye on your baby. 

Sun Protection

The sun is especially harsh on exposed baby skin, especially during the summer holidays. Always bring along baby-safe sunscreen, a hat, and UV-protective clothing. 

5. Comfort and Entertainment

Travel Blankets and Pillows

Pack soft, hypoallergenic travel blankets and pillows to ensure your baby has a nice spot to rest while traveling. Easy to wash and compact sets that fold into one another are also a huge bonus. 

Toys and Books

For your peace of mind, bring along toys and books to keep your baby engaged. Go for small but fun items that are easy to clean and safe to chew on. 

White Noise Machine

While not a must, we’d suggest bringing a white noise machine along. Sleeping in new environments can be difficult for babies. A white noise machine has many sound options to choose from. You can choose the one your baby finds the most soothing. 

6. Clothing and Accessories

Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Depending on where you’re going and when, pack weather-appropriate clothing, including options for layering in cold climates and breathable fabrics in warm ones. Quick dry baby clothing is also a huge plus. 

Extra Outfits

Accidents are a ‘when’ not ‘if’ anxiety with babies, so pack extra outfits that are easy to wash and quick-drying. 

Baby Shoes and Socks

Keep your baby’s feet comfortable and supported with softsole, non-slip baby shoes, and socks that provide comfort and protection. It’s important to strike a balance between style, comfort, and utility to keep your little one fully supported while traveling. 

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