What are the Top 10 Must-Haves for Baby?

(We’re talking real-deal necessities…)

 So, you’re having a baby? It’s a truly amazing experience and grand adventure. There’s also some “stuff” you’re going to need, to make life with a little one go as smoothly and comfortably as possible—for both you and them.

 But, while it can be tempting (though not economical) to buy all the things—every possible baby gadget, accessory, and gizmo—you can start with a relatively short and simple list. There’s no need to buy (and/or register for) a bunch of stuff you don’t actually need, only to have it turn into clutter.

 Below are the 10 items we deem to be true, can’t-do-without, “baby basics.”

  1. Bottles (and related accessories)
  2. Crib
  3. Baby monitor
  4. Swaddle blankets
  5. Bodysuits and footies
  6. Bibs and hats
  7. Pacifiers
  8. A playmat and/or lounger
  9. Car seat
  10. And of course: diapers
  1. Bottles (and related accessories)

 Yes, it is good to have  bottles—even if you plan to breastfeed. There will be plenty of times when it may make sense, or is necessary, for you (or your spouse, other family member, etc.) to give baby a bottle. You’ll also want the accessories that make the bottles easy to use and clean, like brushes and drying racks. But, there are a lot of choices out there—and some bottles are, in fact, designed for breastfeeding vs. formula feeding. Check out Pampers’ list of Best Baby Bottles for 2020, voted on by more than 10,000 parents, to see what designs might work best for you and your little one.

  1. Crib

 The most important thing a crib can do is to provide a safe place for baby to rest and sleep. So, you want a model that is sturdy and that meets the latest safety regulations.  And, as Consumer Reports notes, “Basic is best. The safest cribs have simple lines and no scrollwork or finials. Infants can strangle if their clothing gets caught in such detail work. Following this advice will get you a safer crib and save you money.” The American Academy of Pediatrics offers more useful pointers on Choosing a Crib.

  1. Baby monitor

 A baby monitor is as much for your benefit as it is for baby’s. It enables you to leave your little one alone in his or her crib and carry on with other things you need to do, but be alerted to any signs of distress. The comfort you’ll take in knowing you’re within earshot of baby at all times is worth its weight in gold. There are all kinds of fancy monitors you can buy, but a simple no-frills one may be all you need. 

  1. Swaddle blankets

 If you were a baby, wouldn’t you want to have a wearable blanket (preferably in breathable organic cotton), to keep you just the right amount of cozy? Exactly. Swaddle blankets are great for snuggling, nursing, learning to crawl on, and—of course—sleeping under, on top of, or beside; they are true workhorses! If you’re looking for some great basic blankets that tick all the boxes, might we suggest these best baby swaddles?   

  1. Bodysuits and footies

 Every baby needs bodysuits (also known as onesies). If there were a baby uniform, this would be it. Quality onesies offer easy-on, easy-off comfort and should accommodate both cloth as well as disposable diapers. A footie is essentially the “long sleeves, pants, and socks” version of a onesie—great for staying warmer and cozy when kicking around the house or off on an outing. Finn + Emma bodysuits and footies are made from G.O.T.S.-certified organic cotton. 

  1. Bibs and hats

Babies make messes; we’re sorry to break this news to you. But bibs are a great first line of defense! They can catch at least some of the spills and slobbers that will otherwise end up on baby’s clothes. Then, toss them in the washing machine, and they’re good to go again! (Might we suggest these cute simple bibs?) Another accessory that's "must-have" are hats. You’ll want to get a good sun hat to protect your little one during any outdoor time (especially in the summer), even if you don’t live in a warm climate. And, a slightly cozier hat is also a necessity, even if you don’t live in a cold climate! Baby’s scalp is especially delicate and sensitive, so an easy extra layer protection often comes in handy. Check out Finn + Emma’s hats and caps.

  1. Pacifiers

 As noted by Mayo Clinic, “Most babies have a strong sucking reflex. Beyond nutrition, sucking often has a soothing, calming effect. That's why many parents rank pacifiers as must-haves.” Our pacifier holders are a cute way of making sure you don't lose any of those "pinky's".

  1. A playmat and/or lounger

There are going to be plenty of times (trust us!) when you simply need a safe place to put baby down for a little bit. Not for a napjust for some quality lounging, playtime, tummy time, or a quick diaper change. Your best bet is to find a super-comfy playmat/lounger (with a machine-washable cover!) that you can easily move from room to room. Even better if it's also stylish and fits with your home decor. (We think you'll love our new boho-chic playmats!)

  1. Car seat

 A good, safe, properly installed car seat is very important. And your child will have different car-seat needs as they grow from infant to toddler, and beyond. Consumer Reports breaks it all down here, with help on Choosing the Best Car Seat.

  1. And of course: diapers

 It goes without saying, but sometimes the most obvious thing is the easiest to forget. Some parents love cloth diapers; others can’t imagine using anything but disposable ones. Either way Diapers will be a baby must have for some time.

 If you start with these 10 basics, you’ll be well on your way to professional parenthood!


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